11W Science

11w made gloop in Science this week. Pupils measured the cornflower and water, chose their favourite colours and used tools to mix the ingredients. We watched it glow under the UV light. It is a non- Newtonian fluid…. it remains solid when you squeeze it, when you let go it is runny. It gives us an opportunity to develop our fine motor skills by clenching and releasing our fists. We watched it drip through the sieve. Pupils also explored other UV reactive materials like the slime we made last week.
RRS 23 , RRS 29

8S Paul Klee inspired artwork

8S have been learning about the artist Paul Klee and how to show their day  as a visual story. They’ve produced some very detailed final pieces using continuous line drawings throughout . YouTube seemed to feature quite a lot, can you spot the logo?

Friday enrichment

The year 10 litter picking group have been out in the local area for the last 3 weeks and have already made a noticeable difference.
We want to thank Durham County Council’s civic pride team who have provided the group with some swanky new equipment and high vis jackets.

We’ve had some great feedback while we’ve been out from several members of the public who have thanked the students for their work. We even spoke  to a gentleman who’s been litter picking for 19  years…we’ve got a while to go to match him!

11W- Halloween light pictures

Today in 11W some of the pupils made Halloween pictures on the light boxes.  The pupils made pictures of pumpkins with help from the staff.  They then looked at the different autumn colours they had made.  Happy Halloween everyone!


Today in 11W

11W- making crispy cake pumpkins

Today in 11w we made rice crispy cake pumpkins.  It was great fun counting the marshmallows, slicing the butter and adding the stalk and leaf.  We think they look great and they taste delicious! Happy Halloween everyone!

Pizza! 🍕

This afternoon in 10D we continued our work on bread. This week we decided to make pizzas. We made our own dough, rolled it out, then chose our favourite toppings. They looked and smelled delicious – we hope you enjoyed them!

Autism Hub Launch

8R – life skills

8R have been working on the topic of healthy living. So far this term we have had a sensory exploration of different foods, worked on our knife skills, and made our very own falafel.

St Cuthbert’s Hospice Donation

Yesterday, some of our sixth form students went to St Cuthbert’s Hospice to hand over a cheque for £880. The money was donated as part of fundraising in memory of Mr Wilkinson. Mr Wilkinson’s class who are now in sixth form handed over the cheque along with Mr Wilkinson’s wife Debbie. We were really happy to finally be able to do this as COVID 19 prevented it for a long time.

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Mini-Enterprise Project

As part of their Transition Challenge award, some pupils in year 10 have been planning a mini enterprise project this term. They worked as a team to share and discuss ideas, before deciding to make cinder toffee fudge to sell to staff. This afternoon they helped to package and label the fudge, before delivering it to staff who had placed orders. Next week we will work out what profit we made!