Student council

Today, pupils were surveying school meals. They wanted to find out what the most popular meals are, what meals pupils don’t like and asked for ideas of what pupils would like to see on the menu in future. The results were the collated and will be given to the kitchen staff as part of an ongoing revamp to our school dinner menu.

Year 11 Science

Today we recapped how to make food based indicators, instead of red cabbage we made carrot indicator. We grated the carrot, set up our equipment and heated the carrots in 200ml of water over a Bunsen burner. Next lesson we will investigate if substances are acid or alkali using our home made indicator.

Books books books!!

The Sun are giving free books to schools.  The Oaks will attempt to collect 3500 tokens by February 2020.  Please help us if you or anybody you know gets the newspaper by sending us the tokens.

Careers Fayre for Year 10, 11 and 14 pupils

Letter for Careers Fayre 2019

Year 11 Science Rainbow Fizz

Year 11 are currently learning about acids and alkalis. Today we focused on safety when using acids and made rainbow fizz.

Great Engineers challenge 2019 Part 2

We had a fantastic day trying out different challenges at Shildon Railway Musuem . We won first, second and third prizes

Great Engineers challenge 2019 part 1

Mekano challenge

8N have been involved in the ‘Mekano Challenge 2019′ over the past few weeks. We had to create six models either following instructions provided or creating our own. As we love a challenge in 8N we naturally had to come up with our own ideas. Some of our creations included robo dogs ,’granny scooters’ and even dragons!


9C Norman Cornish- Spennymoor Town Hall.

We took inspiration from a famous Cornish painting of Spennymoor.

We took images of ourselves walking up and down corridors and overplayed the images onto a background of the same street. I hope you like our take on this fantastic painting…

I am unsure why I am walking in the middle of road!

Until next time.

7s- Battle of Hastings

Today we went outside and recreated the battle of Hastings. Each army had spent time preparing their weapons and armour. After a hard battle King William became victorious after King Harold II of England was shot in the eye by a flying arrow.