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Mixed Up Faces!

Pupils in 7D have begun a new Art topic of Portraits. Today we had lots of fun making some mixed up faces – can you recognise anyone?!

Enterprise Fayre

Enterprise fayre

8E Maths – investigating pattern

Merchant of Venice

Well done to our amazing Shakespearean actors who delivered such a stellar performance at The Gala Theatre tonight. You made us all very proud!

7B collage art

Year 7 pupils are learning about cubism this term. They have given Simon Cowell a face list today.

8E Science: The Lungs

This week we have been learning about the lungs.

We conducted a peak flow test to measure the air flowing in and out of our lungs. We did the test 3 times and calculated an average.

We have also conducted the limewater test, which shows if carbon dioxide is present.

We learned carbon dioxide turns limewater cloudy.

10R Halloween UV treasure hunt

Pupils had fun searching for glowing treasure in the active zone. Pupils used UV torches to find prizes.

10R baking spooky spider cakes

10R worked together to make spooky spider cakes. A good opportunity to develop our fine and gross motor skills; pouring, stirring ,mixing, spooning and decorating. Smelling and tasting was fun too!