Inspired by Van Gogh

Today the printing group took inspiration from the painting ‘Sunflowers’ and used cardboard tubes to print flowers on canvas.  I am sure you will agree how talented the group are!  Next week we are off to Bowes Museum to a printing workshop. 

Locomotion Garden

The Year 10 Vocational Studies group were at the Locomotion Museum in Shildon, working in the garden this afternoon.

It was our third visit of the term, and although things still need time to grow, the flower beds are starting to look good.

We were working on four of the flower beds today. We removed some Spring bulbs from one of the flower beds which we are making into a Hosta bed. We did some weeding to the rockery garden, before planting some new plants. We weeded another flower bed, before planting some Lupins, and we dug one of the other flower beds over which we removed old plants from during our last visit.

The flowerbed are just starting to show the first signs of bloom. They will flourish in the next couple of months, as things grow and become a blaze of colour.

If you are visiting the Locomotion Museum over the summer months – please take a minute to enjoy the results of our hard work!!

Digging over the old herb garden. The plants had become overgrown, so we removed them, and prepared the soil to become a flower bed with a different theme.

Removing Spring bulbs, from our new Hosta flower bed.

Nearly there – not much more weeding to do!!

That’s it – we can start planting now!!

The Hosta flower bed. We’ll add some summer bedding plants on our next visit – but the bed just needs time to mature now.

The rocky is planted up for the summer. it should become very colourful in the coming months!

The ‘Wild’ flower bed just looks after itself. We weeded in during our last visit – so now just need to give it time to come into bloom.

The old herb flower bed – ready to be given a new theme.

The Lupins plants today, will give a blade of colour in a couple of months time!

The Lavender flower bed is flourishing, and will give a beautiful colour and fragrance over the summer!

The Royal Wedding

Today, the Sixth Form had a Royal Wedding of their own. They have been learning about the Royal family, Prince Harry and Megan Markle. They are looking forward to the real Royal Wedding on Saturday.

Family Groups

Mr Lock’s family group made a chalk mural of the Mauritian flag today as part of our work about the commonwealth.


1OL: Science and seeds

Over the last 2 lessons we have been investigating how seeds are dispersed.

We looked at how the wind moves seeds from place to place and made our own helicopter seeds using paper and a paper clip.


Uniform reminder

Uniform reminder

Daily Living Skills

This morning, 11D pupils have been learning how to clean microwaves. We collected some microwaves from different classrooms, and returned them when they were sparkling clean. Some microwaves needed more cleaning than others (not wanting to name and shame, Mr Lock…!)

9R Planting In The Sensory Garden

We went into our sensory garden to plant our lavender, we all had a feel of the lavender then a smell. We dug a hole for the lavender plant to go in, then we watered them. We all enjoyed the sunshine.  Thank you to Miss Dando and her group from building our planter.

Up-Cycling Latest

We had another busy afternoon in the Up-Cycling group today.

We finally finished the ‘horse’ kitchen stools which we were making for a member of staff.

We needed to attach the legs back onto the stools, before presenting them to another of our happy customers!

Next week – we will be starting to make our garden tea-light holders, ready for the Summer Fair.

Attaching the legs back onto our ‘horse’ kitchen stools.

All done, and ready to present to the customer. And if you were wondering why one of the stools has strange shapes cut out of it . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . there is the answer!!!!

Job well done!!! A happy team – and a very happy customer!!

Northern Echo Report

“A SCHOOL is celebrating a top class report from the Government’s education watchdog.

The Oaks Secondary School, in Spennymoor, has been rated outstanding by Ofsted for a third time in a row after also achieving the top grade in 2010 and 2013.”

Read the full below.

The Northern Echo