161 – Crabtree + Evelynn
74 – Yellow box notelets
272 – Pink Chocolate Box
81 – Ted Baker
210 – Chocolate – Chocoholics

Booze barrel winner – Dylan McNicholas

The Flying Scotsman at Locomotion

The Year 10 Vocational Studies group were invited to the Locomotion museum in Shildon today, so that staff there could thank our students for all their hard work in the museum garden this year.

Students were presented with a personalised letter thanking them for their work. The letters are valuable to students as they will be able to show them when they apply for college places and jobs in the future.

The group was then given a personal tour of The Flying Scotsman, which arrived at the museum on Wednesday night and will be there for the next three weeks. Students were taken onto the ‘footplate’ of the train, so they could see where and how the crew drive the train.

The group were then set the ‘Track Building Challenge’, where they were divided into two teams, and raced to see which team could build an authentic mini track the quickest.

We all had a great afternoon. The Flying Scotsman was very special to see, and we loved the challenge of building the rail tracks.

The Flying Scotsman at the Locomotion Museum in Shildon.

Receiving our letters thanking us for our hard work in the museum garden.

On the ‘footplate’ of The Flying Scotsman.

Taking his place in the drivers seat!!

The start of our ‘Tack Building Challenge’.

There are more parts involved in building and stabilising a train tack than you might realise!!

It was a very close finish in the race.

Testing the track to make sure it works correctly.

We joined our tracks together – making us all winners in the challenge!!!

Year 10 Science: Flame tests

As part of their OCR Entry Level Award our students are assessed on their practical skills. Today we conducted the flame test investigation.


9R Lilies we planted.

Today we looked at & touched the lilies that we had grown from bulbs  a few weeks ago. The lily plants were at all different growing stages. We then took our plants home.

Fun around the campfire

The Oaks Oracle Summer 2018 Edition

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Canoeing Part 2

Some of the group have been gorge walking this morning and canoeing this afternoon. The weather has been brilliant and everyone has tried really hard to complete the challenges they have faced.


Low Mill

We arrived safely on Wednesday. We went into Hawes and enjoyed the local park, shops and sunshine. Then we came to the centre, made our beds, unpacked and had our tea. We all completed a very tiring night walk and slept well. Today, we had breakfast, tidied our rooms, then we did gorge walking and canoeing. We have eaten a lovely roast dinner and are waiting for the camp fire tonight.

Gorge walking