National storytelling week

Share stories, read stories, create stories. Running from 1st to 8th February…your local library will be holding lots of activities.

After school club

Today the group used stencils and their fingertips to print a pattern

7L Out and About

7L visited the supermarket to buy their snack.

First we collected a trolley.

Next we tried out some toys.

We selected the things we needed from our list, then loaded them onto the conveyor belt and paid the checkout assistant.

Independent living skills

Some of the Sixth form have been learning how to clean windows effectively. 

Independent living skills

Some of the Sixth Form have been developing their cleaning skills, using products and equipment safely and effectively. 

7s-Making ice cream

As part of our work on states of matter in Science, today 7s attempted to make ice cream without a freezer. We looked at using salt to lower the temperature of ice. Here we are following the instructions. While we weren’t all successful, some of us managed to turn the milkshake into ice cream and it was delicious!

7L Science experiment

7L enjoyed making snowballs from bicarbonate of soda then seeing which would melt quickest when added to vinegar.


We guessed what would happen next, whether the snowball would react more or less than the previous one.

We looked carefully at the bubbles being produced and felt them to see if they were soft or hard.

We smelled the gas to see if it had a smell.

Printing club

Today we used sandpaper and crayons to create a picture which was then ironed (by Mrs Sands) on to fabric. It worked quite well.


Today we went to the services as there are a variety of shops and cafes to visit. Everyone managed to choose a snack and pay for it using excellent manners. They were perfect representatives of The Oaks.

9C Electrical Energy Conversion

In science, we explored how electric energy can be transformed to other forms of energy. We used a plasma lamp to demonstrate that the electrical energy was converted mainly into light, sound and heat…

We then made simple circuits, using cells, wires, switches, motors, buzzers and lamps, and looked at how the electrical energy from batteries can be converted into other forms of energy…

Until next time.