11C Pancakes

On Shrove Tuesday, we decide to go with the flow and make pancakes.

We practised our pancake flipping skills with card board pancakes…


As you could have guessed, it was a little chaotic…


We made the batter and ate them with various sweet toppings…


Everyone then had to clean their plates…


Until next time.

11C Colourful Parrots

In history, we have been learning about bird adaptations. We used the colourful inspiration from parrots’ feathers in our art lesson.

Until next time.

11C Sound

In science, we have explored how sound is a vibration. We experimented in different ways to see the effects of these invisible waves.

First, we made sound using different instruments to make small objects move…


We then made a string telephone that went from one end of the school to the other…

We could hear our conversations across the school.

Until next time.

Behaviour Clinics

Behaviour Clinics

6th Form Parents Evening

Parents Evening April 6th form

Parents Evening (not 6th Form)

Parents Evening March

School Nursing

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Please note The Oaks are not participating in non uniform day on Friday 15th March. Pupils must wear school uniform as normal. Thanks for your support with this.

FOTOS Pie, Pea & Bingo

Pie, pea and bingo night April 2019

Independent living competition

Some of the Sixth Form entered an ironing competition at Durham New College. They all did really well and demonstrated excellent skills and knowledge.