School Photographer 18th September

School Photographer

FOTOS Pie, Pea & Bingo night

Pie, pea and bingo night October 2019

FOTOS Coffee morning

Coffee morning Oct 19

9C The Norman Cornish Trail

In art, we are looking at the work of Norman Cornish, Spennymoor’s most famous son.

We will be visiting different parts of the trail this half term, and using his artistic style as inspiration in our lessons, so keep your eyes on the blog.

Until next time.

Year 10 Science

Year 10 are continuing to work on their science entry level qualification this year and are currently working on the topic ‘Pushes and pulls’ which covers levers and forces. Today we carried out a practical test and refreshed our memories on the different types of forces.

Tudor Roses

This term in 8D our History topic is The Tudors. We have found out about the War of the Roses, and how this ended when Henry Tudor became king. Today we looked at the Tudor Rose, which was created by merging the York white rose with the Lancaster red rose, and made some of our own.

School Nursing Service and Health Visiting Survey

School Nursing Service Survey

Health Visiting Service Survey

Big Brass Bash

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Adventure Valley

Some pupils have enjoyed a reward trip to Adventure Valley today. We all had loads of fun, and the pupils were a credit to the school  – well done, everyone!

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