Friday Enrichment Myths and Legends

This term we are learning about Norse mythology. Last week we learned how Vikings used runes and this week we made them!

Next week we shall be painting our runes, so come back and see our marvellous designs.

Comic Relief

Year 8 looked at Comic Relief and the importance of the fundraising they do during our multicultural celebrations and awareness days enrichment activities this week. As part of this we decided to create our own edible red noses! We had lots of fun doing so. Here are some of our final designs.


Our Pledge – International Women’s Day 2021

In our careers lessons we have been learning about equality within the Royal Air Force (RAF), we watched a recorded webinar which was produced by Amazing Apprenticeships for International Women’s day. The pupils enjoyed learning about the roles within the RAF and how it is an inclusive organisation.

The Amazing Apprenticeships have been running a competition where pupils had to design their own pledges. Please see our entries below:


8s- Making seeded bread hedgehogs

Today 8s followed a recipe and measured out quantities of ingredients to make bread dough as a group.

We all took turns to complete a different job.

When the dough was ready we moulded and shape it until in resembled a hedgehog. We are all very proud of our work and best of all they tasted delicious.

Here we are working hard!

7H Liquids and Bubbles

In science, we explored and described liquids. First we explored the terms wet and dry…

We then used the terms full, empty and half-full when describing volumes…

We described the sound bubbles made as fizzes…

We then made bubbles different ways…

Until next time.

10C Massive magnetic monster moon heads

In science, we have been learning about magnetism. Today, we decided to make a game using magnets. We made monster images of ourselves, covered them in paper clips and used a magnet to fish them from a putrid pool…

Until next time.

7R Bubbles and Fizzes

In science, we explored bubbles and fizzes. We listened for the sounds of bubbles…

We looked at how we can make fizzy liquids, more bubbly…

We looked at how bubbles travelled, and what bubbles are…

We explored making too many bubbles…

We then looked at making bubbles (a gas), from baking powder (a solid) and vinegar (a liquid)…

Until next time.

7H’s Friday

We started off our morning with some English. We practised our spellings and our comprehension.

In maths we’ve been looking at sequencing numbers, and counting out quantities.

Every day we do our reading after lunch.

Then for this week’s Friday afternoon activities we made our Mams a Mother’s Day card. Some of us typed our message up on the computer, and some of us chose out of a few options what we wanted in our card. We used tissue paper to look like flowers, and connected dots together to draw the stems. To finish it off we signed our name.

And to finish off our Friday, we had a good old run around.

9N art

Special Diets

This term in Food Technology, 9D are finding out about the special diets that some people follow, either for health, religious or moral reasons. This week we found out about gluten free and dairy free diets, and how those foods could make some people ill. We made some gluten and dairy free scones, and it seems they were a success!