Whilst COVID-19 continues to impact us all in so many ways, I am pleased to be able to share some good news too.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme has allowed us to adapt our planned activities for our participants whilst they are home.

Having sent home a set of alternative activities I suggested our students could complete for their Physical and Skills sections, I have been extremely impressed at how much has been done on the last few weeks!.

Parents and carers have been superb at taking the tasks on board and encouraging their children to do as much as possible so that we can give them every chance to complete their awards this year in spite of the disruption to their time in school.

Here are a just a few examples of the 

Keep up the great work all and keep sending in your evidence..

I really look forward to receiving it!

Mrs Irvine :0) 

Jack getting to grips with a lawn mower.. physical and skills in one go !

Jacks homemade delicious biscuits.. a new skill being developed 🙂

Joe has been very busy indeed – lots of physical and skills based activities undertaken



Aaron has really enjoyed his new found hobby/skill of birdwatching and baking 🙂   

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