I received a lovely surprise from The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme today. A certificate of thanks to all this years  Oaks participants !

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Our students in both Bronze and Silver groups undertook their Volunteering section of their award between September and December 2019 (the coldest months of the year) outdoors cleaning the full length of the Durham Coast beaches. The Heritage Coastal path runs for a total of 11 miles. Our students cleaned EVERY single beach along the length of this path!

They collected a total of just over 200 bin bags full of assorted rubbish plus some larger items including truck tyres, shopping trolleys and we even saw an abandoned car on one of the beaches?!

With the help of Louise Harrington from Durham Heritage Coast Partnership they also performed important data surveys on the rubbish found and learnt a lot about the environmental importance of keeping our coastline free of rubbish.

It is great to see how many hours we gave to this cause over a total of six months across both groups and the social value too.

All participants in this years cohort will receive a copy of this thank you certificate in the post to keep and we are proudly displaying it in school too – WELL DONE!

Mrs Irvine 😁👍

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