Up-cycling Latest

We finished our multi-coloured IKEA table this afternoon.

The top has been given three coats of acrylic lacquer to ensure it is fully waterproof.

We just had the job of attaching the legs today – nice and easy.

We think it looks really great. What do you think?


The top has been lacquered to make sure it is fully protected.


Attaching the legs.



Our finished table. We are very pleased with how it looks!!

Up-Cycling Latest

We have been busy working on two IKEA coffee tables in the Friday afternoon Up-Cycling group.

The first table is being decoupaged in DC comics. We spent a few weeks carefully cutting out images from the comics, and are now sticking them to the table. We still have the legs of the table to complete, and have a few special pictures of Superman to add to the table top. We think it will look fit for a super-hero once it is complete though.

The second table is being covered in multi-coloured squares. Lots of people who have seen the table being created today, have said that it reminds them of Elmer the Elephant. We think it will look fantastic in either a child’s bedroom, or a Man-Den though!

Carefully applying the glue – ready for the DC Comic images.


The DC table top.


Taking out time – to line up the corners of our coloured squares.


Making good progress – and starting to see how the table top will look when finished.


Table top completed. We just need to varnish it once it is dry – and then attach the table legs.

Up-Cycling Latest

This afternoon, we have been preparing for the Summer Fair in July.

We have been making Garden Tealight Holder to sell on our Up-Cycling stall.

We are covering our tealight holders in pretty flowers, before varnishing them to make them weatherproof, and putting a citronella candle in each one.

We managed to make and stick flowers on half of our jars today. We will do the other half of the jars next week, and then varnish them after half term.

We think they will look great once they are finished.

We hope you all come to the Summer fair and buy one!!!

Using our ‘Big-Shot’ to make our flowers.

The ‘Big-Shot’ works by pressing flowers shaped cutters into the paper.

The flowers come out attached to the cutters.

We then have to push the paper flowers out of the cutter.

Some of the tissue paper flowers we made.

Sticking our flowers onto our jars.

It’s a very skill-full job!!!

Full concentration needed!!!

Well done team!!!

Not finished yet – but we think these will be looking fantastic one they are done!!!

Up-Cycling Latest

We had another busy afternoon in the Up-Cycling group today.

We finally finished the ‘horse’ kitchen stools which we were making for a member of staff.

We needed to attach the legs back onto the stools, before presenting them to another of our happy customers!

Next week – we will be starting to make our garden tea-light holders, ready for the Summer Fair.

Attaching the legs back onto our ‘horse’ kitchen stools.

All done, and ready to present to the customer. And if you were wondering why one of the stools has strange shapes cut out of it . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . there is the answer!!!!

Job well done!!! A happy team – and a very happy customer!!

Up-Cycling Latest

We had another busy afternoon in the Up-Cycling group today.

Our rocking chair is finally complete and ready for delivery. We had to try three different types of paint on it before we were finally happy with the colour and quality of the finish. We think it looks great though – and is nicely finished off by the cushion a member of staff kindly made for us to fit the chair.  The fabric of the cushion was chosen by the new owner of the chair.

We started to paper our ‘Space Drawers’. It has taken several mixes of paint to colour match the paint for the edges of the drawers to the wallpaper. We are happy with the match now though – so hopefully, the drawers should be complete and ready for sale by half term.

We also started to decoupage one of the kitchen stools we have been asked to give a horse theme, by a member of staff. There was a lot of careful cutting to do, to get the edges of the stool the way we wanted it to look. We think it will look great once its dried and varnished though!

The rocking chair, before we started work on it.

The rocking chair today – with its new ‘made to fit’ cushion.

Preparing the side of the drawers for the first piece of ‘Space’ wallpaper.

‘Space’ wallpaper on. We think these drawers will look ‘out of this world’, when they are finished!!

Decoupaging the edge of the kitchen stool top is a very fiddly process!

The first horse picture on the stool top.

Nearly complete. A final coat of PVA glue to bind all the pictures together.

As the glue starts to dry – the horse images begin to stand out. They will look very vibrant by the time they are varnished next week!

Up-Cycling Latest

Meet the new Up-Cycling team for this term. Its nice to see some familiar faces who like to up-cycle every term, and some new ones who want to try it out for the first time.

We have a lot planned for the term. We have a couple of projects from last term to finish off. Our rocking chair is just about finished and just needs a final coat of varnish, and we are still working on our ‘Horsey’ kitchen stools.

Today was all about a new project though – a ‘Beano’ childs desk and chair. We took the chair and desk apart ready for it to be covered in cut out pictures from Beano comics.

We then started the slow process of cutting individual frames from the comics. There will be a lot of work in cutting enough frames accurately for the desk and chair – but getting the preparation right now, will make for a good quality finish when the project is complete!

The Up-Cycling team for this term!!

Our new project – a child’s desk and chair which we are going to give a ‘Beano’ theme.

Starting to take the chair apart. Lets hope we remember how to put it back together again!!

It’s a team effort to take the desk apart.

The desk and chair are looking very different!! We are ready to start thinking about Beano pictures now!!

There is a lot of accuracy needed when cutting the comics up into small pictures!!

That’s it – only another 600 pictures to cut!!!

Up-Cycling Latest

We had another busy afternoon in the Up-Cycling group.

We finished our Space Desk today. It has height adjustable legs and has been glazed in three coats of clear waterproof varnish – making it the perfect desk or work table to a bedroom. We think it is out of this world!!

Our Space Table is available to be sold. We will put further details of the table and its price on our selling page.

We also started work on our two kitchen stools – one of which is designed to hold a bottle of wine and two glasses. This project has been commissioned by a member of staff, who would like us to give the two stools a ‘horsey’ theme!!  Ride on Cowboy!!

Attaching the height adjustable legs.

One ‘Space Desk’ – all complete and looking out of this world!!

Next project – a kitchen stool and ‘wine’ stool. We are going to give these a ‘horsey’ theme.

Taking the stools apart. The legs will be painted grey, and the stool tops with be decoupaged with horse pictures.

Putting the brackets on the underneath of the table, ready for the legs to go back on.

A busy afternoon in the Up-Cycling group.

We had a busy afternoon in the up-cycling group today, with three different projects on the go.

Some of us were working on our ‘Space’ desk. We removed the leg fittings ready for the first piece of space wallpaper to be glued in place. We were pleased with how we can see the desk will look when it is finished – but decided to leave the first piece of wallpaper to dry out fully, before matching up the pattern and gluing the next pieces of wallpaper. Hopefully we will have the desk top ready for varnishing by the end of next Friday’s lesson.

We have sold the rocking chair we have been working on, but are changing the colour from a bright white to an ‘antique’ white for the new owner. We had to sand down the first coat of paint in preparation for the new colour. We managed to get the first coat of the new colour on the chair by the end of the afternoon. We are also having a cushion made to fit the base of the chair, which we are hoping will be ready by next weeks lesson.

We started preparing for another new project this afternoon too. A member of staff has brought two kitchen stools in, and asked us if we can give them a ‘horsey’ theme. They also gave us some old horse magazines, which we spent the afternoon cutting up so we have horse images ready to decoupage into the stools next week.

We are hoping to have all three projects completed before we break up for Easter – leaving us ready for some new projects next term!!

We think our ‘Space’ desk will look ‘cosmic’ when it is finished!

It’s all in the preparation!! Sanding down the bright white paint, ready for a more subtle ‘antique’ white colour!!

Selecting images of horses from magazines, ready for our ‘Horsey’ stool project.

We think we will get a good effect when we decoupage the stools with our horse images!

Up-Cycling group update!

The Up-Cycling group finished the Liverpool FC bedroom drawers this afternoon.

We didn’t have much left to do to them. We put the handles back on the drawer fronts, and then waxed the sides of the drawers with a candle, to make sure they are nice and smooth when opened and closed.

We waved goodbye to them as they set off for their new home this afternoon. Another happy customer – and the group ready for another project!

We started our next project straight away. A homework/office table which we are planning to make into a ‘Space’ desk.

We are planning to cover the table in a space wallpaper and then varnish it to seal it. We worked out where the joins between each piece of wallpaper would be and then painted black stripes on the table top. We did this just in case there are any small gaps visible between the joins when the wallpaper dries.

Hopefully we will have the space wallpaper added next week, and then the varnishing done the week after.

Well done team. Another great project completed!!

Putting the handles back onto the drawer fronts was one of the easier tasks on the project.

Waxing the sides of the drawers helps keep them operating smoothly when the drawers are used.

Our new project. A ‘Space’ homework/office table.

Taking the legs off the table, before we get to work. We like these legs – they are height adjustable.

Checking out the space wallpaper. We think the desk will look pretty cool once its done – if we can cover it well enough!!

‘It’s all in the planning and preparation!!’ Painting black lines on the desk in case the wallpaper shrinks when it dries – means that you wont be able to see any gaps between the joins.

Up-Cycling Update

The Up-cycling group had a very busy afternoon today.

We have been giving our bedroom drawers set a ‘football’ and ‘Liverpool FC’ feel. The drawer fronts all now have Liverpool FC logos on them, and the drawer units are nearly all covered in footballs. Hopefully, another Friday afternoon after half term, and they should all be ready to go to their new home.

We also took delivery of another supply of Marvel and DC comics, which were  generously donated by a comic supplier in Hartlepool. One of our tasks this afternoon was to sort the comics out ready for future projects.

We also managed to give our rocking chair its first coat of paint. We are using a French chalk paint, so the chair will need to be waxed to seal the paint, once it’s had a couple more coats. We think it is going to look fabulous though in its new ‘chalk white’ colour!

Sealing the Liverpool FC logos on the drawer fronts with PVA glue – before a final varnish after half term.

Adding the footballs to the side and top of the small drawer set.

That’s it – keep going!!

Now we are starting to get a feel for what the drawers will look like when they are completed!

We are please with how the Liverpool FC logo’s are looking!!

Sorting our latest supply of comics out.

Starting to paint the rocking chair with chalk paint.

We’ll need to give it a couple more coats – but it’s starting to look good!!