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The Oaks is an Operation Encompass school. The letter below is sent out on a yearly basis and given to families new to school. If you would like any additional information about this programme please contact Mrs Crawford at school or go to

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Attendance/Absence letter


As a school for children with special educational needs, we do understand that there may be certain circumstances which lead to low attendance.  However, every child’s education is really important to us and we would like to work together with pupils, parents and carers to ensure that attendance is as high as possible.

We are always trying to raise the levels of pupil attendance in our school. The government guidelines on attendance state that attendance below 90% is unacceptable and will automatically put a child into the persistent absenteecategory.

 We are always happy to talk to you about anything you think we can do to help improve your child’s attendance.

Mrs  Emmerson is our Higher Level Teaching Assistant for attendance. She may telephone you if your child is absent to offer support.

Please remember you must telephone school each day if your child is absent for any reason and we will need to see any appointment cards or letters you may have.

Pupils should not take holidays during term time unless in exceptional circumstances which must be authorised beforehand.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Crawford or Mrs Emmerson if you have any queries or concerns. We look forward to working with you ”

Attendance Letter

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