Science Club Friday Enrichment

Today we looked at mini beasts, bats, nests and used microscopes.


11C World War 2 Rationing Recipes

In history, we have been learning about World War 2. This morning we watched a selection of videos regarding rationing. We then looked at some of the recipes that were used and copied them. We made vinegar cake, carrot cookies and chocolate potato spread. Please don’t all phone the take-away at once as they sound so appetising. Here are our final products…

We then tasted the delightful foods, after thoroughly examining them first…

Just to confirm that no one was poisoned during this activity. Until next time.

11C Aboriginal Art Work

In art, we looked at different types of aboriginal art and were inspired by their different styles of painting. First, we looked at their hand paintings and used that as inspiration for our designs…

We then looked at the different types of circle and dot paintings. We used coloured hole-punched paper to generate bubble-like images…

I hope you like our efforts. Until next time.

11C Blitz Inspired Art

In history, we have been learning about the Blitz. We watched black and white videos from the time of the events during the nights. We generated fiery backgrounds and added silhouettes of the burning buildings and German bombers. I hope you like our efforts…

Until next time.

7B Science: Variation

7B have been learning about variation between animal species. We have created our own animals and we made a model of them. We hope you like them.


Family Christmas Party

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Science Club Friday Enrichment

Today we have been exploring colours.

First we did chromatography.

Then we looked at how colour diffuses.

Then we made psychedelic milk.


We even saw a rainbow.

Year 10 Science Microscopes

As part of our ‘Dead or alive’ topic year 10 have been using microscopes.

We focussed our lens and we drew our observations.


11L science melting and burning

Today we found out what happened to some materials when they were placed over a Bunsen burner. Our key words were melt and burn.

We found out that chocolate melted.

So did the ice.


We completed a table showing our results.

Adventures in Weardale day 4