Council launches free school meals scheme for half-term.

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7H Planetary Biscuits

To finish off our science topic on the solar system, we made decorative biscuits. First we made chocolate biscuits…

Once cooked, we then mixed different coloured food colourings and dripped them onto the biscuits to give an exotic planetary atmosphere appearance…

Until next time.

7H’s last day of half term!

7H had a fantastic day to finish off our first half term at The Oaks. We spent the afternoon baking Halloween biscuits, and decorating them with icing and sprinkles – a bit of a sugar rush to see us through the final day!

As we all love water play in our class, we took out some buckets and bottles and had a good old splash for break time – lots of laughs and a few changes of clothes later, we said goodbye for a whole week. See you all in November!

Myths and Legends

During Friday enrichment year 7 have spent an afternoon learning about the legend of the unicorn. We made some bright unicorn inspired slime and a bit of a mess! See you after half term.

11W Mexican day of the dead part 1

This week we have been learning about Mexican day of the dead; we have made Day of the Dead bread, sugar skull biscuits, brightly coloured skull masks and we also created a special alter called an ofrenda.


8L Halloween fun, exploring pumpkins

8L had lots of fun exploring different sized pumpkins, scooping out the gloop and seeds and cutting different shapes for facial features. It was a feast for all of the senses – very smelly but also tasty. Mind your fingers though…. because this pumkin bites.

Pupils created a fizzy frothy potion which oozed out of the pumpkin and glowed under the UV torchlight. Happy Halloween everyone !



Important letter re COVID-19 during the holiday period

Please see attached letter from Richard Crane, Head of Education & Skills.

Please email school at immediately upon a positive test result being received.

Thank you for you continued support through these difficult times.  Enjoy the holiday as best you can.

Letter from Richard Crane for all parents

African Tribal Masks-8S

As part of our Art work on African masks, we spent the afternoon creating our own versions using paper plates and tissues paper. We had great fun exploring the colourings and patterns. Here are a few of our designs. We plan on creating a different version using Papier Mache. Keep an eye out for our next post…

Healthy Sandwiches-8S

As part of our work in PSHE and Science we were tasked with creating a sandwich for a packed lunch that would encourage students to make better choices to care for their bodies and their health. We used foods from a range of different food groups and used these to make ‘fun’ healthy sandwiches. Here are some photos of us creating our designs. We hope you like them! We certainly enjoyed eating them!


8s- The Lion Sleeps Tonight- Makaton

As we have been looking at Brazil, Africa, the Amazon Rainforest, and native tribes and tribal masks over this half term 8S decided to bring it all together to perform a rendition of ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’. We think we did a brilliant job and we hope you do too…