Return to school

Just to let you know that The Oaks will be fully open to pupils from Tuesday 5th January. The only exceptions to this are pupils who fit into the government’s Clinically Extremely Vulnerable category who must shield at home. If your child is clinically extremely vulnerable and will not be able to return, please would you let us know via the school email.

We will be engaging in the testing process for pupils whose parents give consent. This will not happen during the first week back to allow us time to plan and prepare for the process. You will be sent a letter regarding consent in due course.

We hope that you’ve all had a lovely holiday and look forward to seeing our pupils back at school in the new year.

Latest Government announcement

You will have heard that the government have announced changes to the return dates for secondary schools. We are not yet clear how that impacts on us in special schools, but as soon as the guidance is published we will be in touch to let you know.

Christmas Fun

We have had so much fun in 9D this week! We couldn’t go out on trips or have our usual Christmas disco, but we worked together to plan a fabulous party day. We had dancing, party games, Christmas baking, a Santa piñata, pizzas and reindeer hoopla! We don’t know who enjoyed it more – staff or pupils!  We do know that our pupils deserved to have an amazing day, though, as they have all been hard-working super stars this term. Well done, 9D – enjoy your Christmas break, and we’ll see you in the New Year!

11W Christmas Dinner Day

11W Enjoyed  our school Christmas lunch, thank you to the kitchen staff for doing a fantastic job.



7H’s Christmas party

7H have had a lovely day; we had a maths-focused morning, working on comparative language of ‘bigger, biggest, smaller, smallest’. We had a look at sequencing and ordering by size, using Christmas-themed pictures…

We continued our festivities with a party in the afternoon. We had lots of food, decorations, music, crackers, and of course some Christmas hats!

A glorious Thursday!

Christmas celebrations in 6th form

Today we’ve all enjoyed our Christmas celebrations in 6th form lots of fun games, chippy lunch and presents from Mrs Claus.

7M Christmas Day 1

What a great day, we started by opening presents, and watched the school assembly where we celebrated our achievements and laughed so much at Mr Tweddle and Mr Keen! We then played games, and ate a pizza and a buffet for lunch. We enjoyed a movie to finish off the afternoon. Thank you FOTO’s for the donation so we could enjoy today.

11W A surprise visit from the elves!

Today we had a visit from two naughty Elves.  They caused nothing but mischief in the classroom!  Merry Christmas everyone.


11w End of term awards.


We have been working very hard in 11W this term.  Some pupils have worked so hard and won awards for their efforts in food tech, PE and Art!  They received a trophy and a certificate for their well deserved efforts.

11W Christmas Hampers.

As we couldn’t have a Christmas trip this year, we’ve had an extra special time in school.  The children in 11W have received a hamper full of treats.  The hampers included sweets, smellies, art and craft activities and who doesn’t need a pair of Christmas socks?  We also included some lovely craft activities that the children completed in school.  Have a lovely Christmas everyone, from all the staff and students in 11W.