7H’s Friday enrichment

Every Friday afternoon we have our enrichment activities; we all LOVE cooking and baking in our class, so this week Mrs Hyams thought we might try our hand at crumble. After a few mid-mixing tasters, we decided to just chuck all the ingredients into our bowls and have a messy old afternoon mixing our concoctions of fruit, butter, sugar and flour! The result? Sometimes an empty bowl, sometimes a sort of pink soup, sometimes something resembling playdough. Maybe crumble next week?

We all headed out for break, bellies full of berries and had a good run around.

We had a good laugh at Miss Timms’ terrible aim…

With lots of energy we can run pretty fast, but Miss can still catch us sometimes!

Miss Timms gave us a chase, but we soon turned the tables and chased her off!

Mrs Nord gave us a beautiful rendition of “Horsey Horsey don’t you stop…”, we LOVED it so much we asked for it again at least 15 times!

We had a natter and a walk round, seeing what different numbers we could spot around the yard. We also had a throw around of a ball, seeing how high it could go

Worn out from our constant running, we made the most of the beautiful sunshine and did a bit of building together

Rosy-cheeked and exhausted, we came back in. With a bit of spare time before heading home, we had a relax on our soft roller, listened to music, and said goodbye for the weekend

See you on Monday 7H!

Myths and Legends

Today we learned about Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot. We made our own sparklers! Next week we will be doing something crafty, so stay tuned.

11W Firework Toast

11W- we made edible painted toast with firework patterns.  We added food colouring to milk then painted it onto some white bread.  After we toasted the bread we ate it for our snack.  It was delicious!



11W Mr Broom’s not so little helper.

11w  Jacob helped in our Sensory Garden to pick up all the fallen leaves. He really enjoyed it!



7H Farmyard Jamboree

In science, this half-term, we have started a topic on animals and plants. Since everyone’s favourite Chilean folk tale inspired song is Farmyard Jamboree, we decide to use that as inspiration for learning about animals, and their young, and counting. We looked at different farmyard animals from the song and identified them…

We then made some pigs and made them dirty with mud….

I hope you like our efforts…

Until next time.

11W- Making edible sparklers!

In 11W we have been learning about Bonfire Night and fireworks.  We watched a video on the history of fireworks then made our own edible sparklers using breadsticks, melted chocolate and edible glitter.


11W salty firework pictures

In 11W we have made firework pictures using salt, PVA glue and paint.  We made firework shapes using PVA glue then sprinkled salt onto the glue.  When the glue had dried we carefully painted the fireworks using lots of bright colours.





COVID Update for Parents

COVID govt update Nov 2020

11B Science

Year 11 are working through the Creepy Crawlies topic. Over the last 2 lessons we have been exploring how microscopes are used and learned that quadrats make sampling easier when counting plants in larger areas.

Because we can’t access the field at the moment we drew plants and the table and then counted how many were in our quadrat.

Year 9 Immunisations

Please see attached information for young person born between 1st September 2006 and 31st August 2007

Year 9 immunisations