Filmclub’s Talent Development, at The Oaks

Every year FILMCLUB takes on over 100 FILMCLUB Members from all over the country and gives them a priceless opportunity to take their first steps into the world of film. This is our Talent Development programme.

Three of our Students have been chosen by Filmclub to take part in a year long Development Programme, specialising in Writing Reviews.

Matthew, Reece and Oliver and I have travelled to London several times already this school year, to take part in training with other Filmclubbers from schools across the country.

At the end of the year our boys will graduate with an AQA Level 1 certificate in writing reviews.

Good luck boys……

can you spot our boys ?

talent development


Enjoying, an all time classic ‘The Vikings’, starring Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis.

Daniel stated “that was epic, loved it”.

Nikita thought it was great!!

watching an all time classic

watching an all time classic

How Many Miles Can You Go with Accelerated Reader?

At the end of the last half term our Accelerated Reader ‘score board’ was updated!! There has been some fantastic amounts of ‘miles’, travelled by some fabulous readers!! Everyone involved has worked really hard and made amazing progress with their reading!!

The first certificates have been given out in assembly with lots more to follow.

Most classes have now had the opportunity to take part; everyone is very welcome at Reading Club every break and lunchtime in Mrs Chisholm’s room!!


Remember – the more words you read, the more miles you travel!!

Bag making group

The bag making group have been busy making bags, cushions and designing t-shirts.





Friday afternoon orienteering

Students enjoying their orienteering walking through Spennymoor and the local area. Students plan out the walk they would like to do and then use maps to plan their route.

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Bead club fundraiser

The girls in our Friday afternoon jewellery club have raised £7 for ‘breast cancer awareness’ today. They sold pink earrings and pink felt brooches.




We still have lots left too, so if you would like any please let us know. The jewellery trolley does the rounds every Friday afternoon.

Friday’s activities


Here’s Luke ordering his own drink at Devine and Delicious!

Unit award scheme

Congratulations to all 163 students who achieved a Unit Award certificate from September to now and to the staff who worked with them to produce the work.
Well done!

7S Homework

Remember to complete your shield design and also your Domesday work


Military History

Military historians war gaming the Battle of Gettysburg.