11W Light & Celebration Diwali


As part of our Topic Light & Celebration, we have been doing about Diwali the festival of light. We made some Diwali lamps & filled them with scented wax, we also made a Rangoli pattern with UV sand, then we made some Cardamom seed biscuits. We had lots of fun!


Food Tech with 8P

As part of our new life skills topic we will be spending the coming weeks making a range of healthy snacks. Today we have made pizzas using a pitta bread base, tomato purée and a variety of toppings. The pupils are developing their independence skills in preparation for adulthood. We also looked at the cost of individual items to make the pizzas and compared this amount to the cost of a pizza in the supermarket allowing the pupils to develop their money skills further.

7R Planting

In science, we continued to look at plant life. We watched time lapse videos of different types of plant germinating from their seeds. We then explored a different types of seed, bulb and beam, and recalled what is needed for plants to grow. These are nutrients, warmth, water and sunlight. We then planted our seeds, beans and bulbs…

Until next time.

7H’s week

We’ve had a busy week in 7H, here’s a little bit of what we’ve been up to…

We learned about Noah’s Ark in RE…

Someone didn’t like the way our books were organised, so while waiting for their taxi there was a book re-shuffle – excellently balanced!

See you on Monday!

Myths and Legends

Today we explored aboriginal culture and had a go at aboriginal dot painting. Today we painted a boomerang and explored mixing colours and different dot techniques. We hope you like our work. Next week we are putting our skills to the test and have selected Australian animals to paint.

We practised first and made some designs,

11w & 8D Children in Need cakes.

11w & 8D

We made cakes in our Friday afternoon activity.  We decorated them in yellow icing & put a chocolate Pudsey bear on top.  They were delicious and we took them home to enjoy with our families.



8P How light travels

In science, we have started a topic on light and sound. Today, we looked how light travels and how light is reflected. First, we wrote a message and recorded the effect of looking at it through a mirror. We then viewed our reflected image through a mirror, thus reverting our message…

We then explored reflections. We looked at how light is reflected off flat surfaces. We used a light box and recorded the reflected light rays…

Until next time.

Odd Socks Day

Letter going home today.


11w Our Poppies for Remembrance Day


We made pictures, biscuits,  a poppy wreath, we then went into our Sensory Garden and placed our poppies in our planter. We then sowed some poppy seeds, lets hope they flower in the spring. We also filled our little packets with poppy seeds, to raise money for The British Legion Poppy Appeal.



Remembrance Day

In 9D our English topic this term is War Poetry. Today we read ‘In Flanders Field’, and considered what it means. We talked about how the poem made us feel, before creating some poppies to take home.