9W Textiles.

This week, 9W finished their sea life inspired bags. We also worked hard to make some felt. We will use it next week to make something festive.

9W Science

This week we have been exploring how different seeds are dispersed. We looked at seeds that are dispersed by wind and tested them by dropping them on a breezy day.

We looked at little seeds in berries that could be eaten by birds and then dispersed when they go to the toilet. Hopefully not on our heads!

We looked at seeds that roll away from thier parent plant and compared thier textures on the inside and the outside.

We compared their sizes.

9W Science

Today we made the main parts of a flower out of modelling plastercene. We all could name the flower, stem, leaf and roots.


9L The Oriental Museum and Chinese T shirts

We modelled T shirts that we made in Textiles and danced with a Chinese dragon in our sensory garden this afternoon. We are told that dancing with a Chinese dragon encourages the rain……so apologies in advance if it rains tomorrow!


9L have been tie dyeing in textiles today


9L had a fantastic time with Zoolab holding and learning about different creatures.


9L enjoyed making Christmas logs today in Food Technology


Here is 9L using their experience with money to solve problems involving addition and subtraction


Panini Pizza


9L Geography: Italy

To end the topic Italy an EU country, students tried a variety of food from Italy. Tiramisu was a favourite but olives and Gorgonzola didn’t seem popular! We’ll done on some good learning this term 9L. Can you name all the members of the EU?