10R making playdough

10R worked together to make warm play dough. Pupils measured out the ingredients and developed their fine motor skills by spooning, stirring and pouring. We added pink UV paint to our dough to make it glow….. and lemon essential oils so it smelled beautiful. We carefully cooked the dough, turned out the lights and explored the texture, temperature and scent. Pupils kneaded, rolled and helped to form letters with the dough.

9R Design and Technology

We helped the pupils to explore felt and glue whilst making a wall hanging based on an original in Freda Kahlo’s home in Mexico.

9R Printing using shells.


Pupils in 9D have been thinking about what life was like for children who were evacuated during World War 2. We have made our own ‘evacuation suitcases’, and tried to decide what we would have packed. Some pupils needed a lot of persuading that children in the wartime would not have had mobile phones!


In History pupils in 9D have been finding out about life on the Home Front during the war time. We made ration books, and have looked at some traditional wartime recipes. Today we made potato floddies. They were really easy to make, and tasted delicious!

Karah Prashad

To continue our RE topic of Sikhism, pupils in 9D have been learning about the Gurdwaras, where Sikhs go to worship. We found out that every Gurdwara has a special dining room called a Langar, where they prepare food to share with everyone, whether they are a Sikh or not.

Today, Mrs Devgan kindly brought in the ingredients to make Karah Prashad with us. This is a special Sikh pudding, made with semolina, ghee, water and sugar, that Sikhs share with everyone. Most of us thought it was delicious!


Pupils from 9D and 9C have enjoyed a visit to Saltholme RSPB centre today. We all went pond dipping, and used magnifying glasses to see what creatures we had found. We then looked for bugs under some driftwood, and tried to catch minibeasts in our bug-catchers. A wonderful time was had by all!


Pupils in 9D enjoyed the opportunity to handle some animals this morning, when Zoolab visited our school. We saw a tarantula, a giant snail, a tortoise and a milk snake. We were all very brave, and loved seeing these beautiful creatures.

Chinese Dragon T-Shirts

9D have finally succeeded in transferring their dragon designs onto their T-Shirts today. We printed them out onto transfer paper and ironed them onto the T-Shirts. We think they look great – what do you think?!


Top of the morning!

We are a bit short on numbers here in 9D today, as half of our pupils are out at a table top cricket festival. Our remaining pupils have enjoyed finding out about St Patrick, and had great fun listening to some Irish music and making hats to celebrate this festival. Happy St Patrick’s Day to you all!