8W Science

This week 8W have been working on our measuring skills. We spent one lesson measuring water and using pippettes.

Today we used our skills to measure water that we boiled, using science apparatus. Some of us used a thermometer to measure the temperature. We wrote a risk assessment to help us stay safe.

Making a Hindu Shrine

8W are learning about the religion of Hinduism in Religious Education, this term.

Today, we were learning about worship in the Mandir (temple).

We also learned that many Hindus have a shrine in their home. We decided to make a Hindu shrine in our classroom. We all placed images of Hindu gods on a table we had covered in a nice cloth. We then put some water, fruit and flowers on the table, as Hindu’s would do this to make offerings to their gods.

We lit some candles and incense sticks. The room smelt lovely. We put some Hindu puja (worship) music on, and thought about how it might feel to be part of a Hindu family with a shrine at home.

8W Magnets

8W have started a new topic ‘Magnets’. Today we made our way to the outdoor classroom and investigated what was magnetic and what was not.


We then put the magnets together and discovered they attract each other or repeal each other.

School Litter Pick

A number of classes took part in the school Litter Pick today.

We picked up loose litter from around the grounds of the school, and sorted into ‘recyclable’ and ‘non-recyclable’ litter.

8W’s task was to pick up any litter we found in Yard A.

There wasn’t a lot of litter to pick up, as the school is kept clean, and students usually put any rubbish in the bins.

It was very windy this morning though – so some litter had blown around the yard.

We all worked as a team, with different students looking for different kinds of litter.

By the end of the lesson, Yard A was spotless – although we were all very cold!!!

First find of the session!!

The wind made it hard to put the rubbish we picked up in the plastic bags!!


Science: Shadows and Light

8W have been investigating how we make shadows.

First, we experimented with different materials and torches.

Then we used the white board to see how our shadows move.

 We decided we would like to make a shadow puppet play and we made shadow puppets.

We worked in two groups and each group made up their own story and script.

 Group 1 made up a story about spiders and cats playing football.
Group 2 made up a story about how a cat, dog and a butterfly made friends with a crab.

We hope you like our shadow puppets.

Church in a classroom!

Following our recent visit to St Paul’s Church in Spennymoor, 8W have been learning about Holy Communion.

We decided to create our own altar in our classroom, to help us understand how Christians celebrate communion.

We used a table for the altar, and borrowed a cross, candles, chalice (cup) and pattern (plate) from Mrs Lock.

We all helped create the altar, and then all stood behind it, holding bread and blackcurrant juice (special non alcoholic wine for school!), so we could feel what it might be like to be a Christian minister. We then knelt in front of the altar as a Christian follower would do during a communion service.

We talked about the symbolism of the bread and wine, which helped us understand the meaning of the service for Christians.

8W visit to St Paul’s Church

8W went on a visit to St Paul’s Church in Spennymoor this afternoon.

We went as part of our work in Religious Education, where we have been learning about Christian worship and the church building.

The church was very beautiful, and we were able to see how all the different features of a church that we have been learning about in lessons, are used in a real church setting.

We spent a little time sitting quietly and thinking about how the building made us feel. We all felt that it made us feel calm and at peace.

The Church Warden Averre let us explore all parts of the church, and even let us taste the communion wafers that they use on a Sunday.

The visit really helped us learn more about Christian worship.

We investigated the font used for baptism. It is near the door of the church to welcome those baptised into the church.

The font – with its cover on.

We stood behind the lectern, where The Bible is read during a service.

We thought about how it might feel to read The Bible in front of a church full of people.

It’s a long way up to the pulpit . . . . .

. . . . . where the vicar gives his sermon during a service.

The stained glass windows in the church were beautiful.

We stood behind the altar – where the vicar would stand during a service.

Then we knelt at the communion rail – so we could feel what it might be like to come up to the altar during a communion service.

We were shown the communion wafers that are used in a service. . . . . .

. . . . . and had a taste, to see what they were like.

8W at Maiden Castle Sports Centre

8W had an action packed day today!

We spent the morning at Maiden Castle Sports Centre, and took part in a number of different physical activities.

Sports Studies students from Durham University gave us a football skills workshop, before introducing us to their dance fitness routine. They then taught us how to develop our skills at ten pin bowling – and then showed us how to make our own games up using a mini parachute.

After all that activity we were ready ready for lunch. Our hosts took us the Grey’s College in Durham, where we were treated to lunch in the Dining Hall. It was like a scene out of Harry Potter – with huge oil painting hung on the walls, and a wonderful view of Durham Cathedral out of the window!

After lunch, we met with students from other local schools and took part even more activities. We played pool, table tennis, Twister and giant sized chess.

We were all exhausted by the end of the day. So many activities in just one day. We had a fantastic time – I’m sure we’ll all sleep well tonight!

Dribbling a football like a professional!

We all learnt a fitness dance routine.

A quick John Travolta impression! Saturday Night Fever – Here we come!!

Showing us all how it’s done!

On for a strike!

Getting ready with the mini parachute.

Learning that if we work as a team, we can make the parachute do amazing things. . . .

. . . and then have a lot of fun!

Can you make someone spin around using a mini-parachute? Oh yes you can!!

The balls go in the pockets much easier if you don’t use a cue!

The Dream Team! Three a side table tennis. Nothing got passed us!!!

Exploring the world of Twister!

Enterprise Project supports local charity.

During assembly this morning, 8W donated the money they raised for charity last term to the Pioneering Care Partnership in Newton Aycliffe.

As part of their PHSE lessons last term, 8W set up a mini-enterprise project to raise money for a local charity. They decorated biscuits, and sold them to students and staff during break every Wednesday morning.

The class raised £43 in total, and a parent of one of the students in the class very kindly donated £7 to make the sum raised up to £50.

The class then considered local charities and voted on which one they wanted to donate the money to. They decided to donate

the money to the Pioneering Care Partnership in Newton Aycliffe.

The class made their presentation to the Pioneering Care Partnership during assembly this morning.

Well done 8W. An excellent effort and outcome!

8W with representatives from the Pioneering Care Partnership.

Friday enrichment

Our enrichment group out and about measuring up for new raised pots in the sensory garden.

Counting on the metre stick