8E Digestive system

To complete 0ur topic food and digestion we made a model digestive system.

We used a pestle and mortar to act as the teeth.

The plastic bag acted as the stomach. We added some coffee.
 We squeezed all of the water out, which would happen in the small intestine.

We know what happens at the end!

8E Maths – investigating pattern

8E Science: The Lungs

This week we have been learning about the lungs.

We conducted a peak flow test to measure the air flowing in and out of our lungs. We did the test 3 times and calculated an average.

We have also conducted the limewater test, which shows if carbon dioxide is present.

We learned carbon dioxide turns limewater cloudy.

Science The Bubonic Plague

Today in our microbes and disease unit we learned about the bacteria that caused the bubonic plague and looked at some of the symptoms.

We made a bubo, which is a large, painful sore that grew on plague victims.

Custard (pus) was injected into a jam (blood) doughnut and black food colouring (crust) was spread on top.

The doughnut was placed into a microwave for 30 seconds. Then we sliced it open.

We recorded our findings and labelled a bubo.

Despite the gore, it didn’t put 8E off eating them!

8E Germ hunters

8E are presently covering the ‘Microbes and Disease’ unit. Today we explored where we thought the most microbes would reside around school and conducted an experiment to see if our predictions were correct.

We rubbed sliced potato where we thought the most microbes would be growing. We kept one potato as a control, this one was just sliced and put in a bag.

We wore gloves to keep us safe and so we didn’t contaminate the potato with any microbes that were already on our hands.

Then we got to work!

 We put the potato in labelled plastic food bags to keep the microbes in a controlled environment and to avoid contamination.

 We placed the sealed bags in a warm dark cupboard, this will help any microbes thrive. We will check them next week.