7E Science: Night and day

This half of the term we will be exploring space. Today we looked at how night and days occurs.

We inflated a balloon and stuck a cut out image of Australia on it, we used a globe to make sure we put it in the right place!

We then used string to carefully hang the balloon, which acted as Earth, from the ceiling.

We used a torch to act as the sun and rotated the ‘Earth’ so the sun would show midnight, midday, sunset and sunrise in Australia.

Next lesson we are going to look at phases of the moon.

Making print blocks

As part of our textiles project, year 7 are making their own printing blocks. They will use the printing blocks to create a repeat pattern on their wind socks. Fantastic work year 7!

7E Science: Conductors

7E have been learning about electricity. Today we have been exploring which materials will conduct electricity and which will not. We created a circuit to test them.


Zoo Lab Group 1

Today we had Rob from Zoo Lab visit us. He brought along some friends…



Science:Density Rainbows

In science 7E have been learning about density. Miss McReynolds used ethonal, washing up liquid, vegetable oil, water and agave syrup, all with a little food colouring added, to show the different densities of the liquids.

7E practised using pipettes and measuring volume.

They used great team work to help each other and worked safely.

 Well done 7E!

7M Outdoor Maths

This morning 7M have had fun measuring, map reading and designing obstacle courses. 

7M library discovery visit 

7M visited Spennymoor library today where they discovered the facilities,  became members and borrowed books.  Reading is such an important skill and 7M were really excited checking out the books!


img_1088.jpg img_1099.jpg img_1092.jpg img_1089.jpg img_1079.jpg img_1072.jpg img_1081.jpg

7M French food tasting experience

7M had the opportunity to try some typical French food during their French lesson.  They tried Brie, crepes, brioche and baguette all washed down with ‘red wine’ … red grape juice – strictly non-alcoholic! 


7M further thaumatropes

Robbie and Cole tried different methods to spin their animation devices 


7M  D&T textile minibeasts

Well done 7M you have designed and created these fantastic minibeasts in textiles!