11L Science

We have been working on the AQA award Introduction to chemistry. This week we explored what happened when we put magnesium metal into hydrochloric acid.

We conducted a risk assessment first.

We could see bubbling, hear fizzing and the test tube felt warm from the chemical reaction taking place.

11L science melting and burning

Today we found out what happened to some materials when they were placed over a Bunsen burner. Our key words were melt and burn.

We found out that chocolate melted.

So did the ice.


We completed a table showing our results.

Zoo Lab Group 2

More Zoo Lab adventures…


11R At Seaton Carew

We visited the beach then ate our fish and chips. 

Eloise tried out the horse ride while Natalia rode the motorbike

Then the pupils gambled their money away

We wound the day up with ice cream

Art 11R

The pupils made clay plates and painted them.

Intensive interaction, sand castles and mouldable foam

The summer is here!

We had a sensory experience with watermelon.  


11R Kite Flying


From this to that! Native Americans


Sensory session

Pupils enjoyed the feel of the beads and looked at the lights.