Year 10 Science: Flame tests

As part of their OCR Entry Level Award our students are assessed on their practical skills. Today we conducted the flame test investigation.


Year 10 Science: Acids and Metals

Year 10 are currently working on the ‘Are you overreacting?’module for their Entry Level qualification.

This week we have been looking at the reactants and products produced when a metal reacts with acid and we measured the rates of reaction.

We also tested for hydrogen gas.

Finally we have placed iron, zinc and magnesium in order of reactivity when acid is added to them.


Maths Exams

The exam window for the maths Entry Level and Level 1 exams are:

25th-29th April

23rd-27th May

20th-24th June

Maths External Exams

Theses are on:

10E, 10 R and Miss Emerson’s Y11 Maths class, the exams are in your maths lessons on Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th March. Good luck!

Yr 10 textiles

The Sports Fashion designers have begun…….


Y10 Maths Exam

Reminder for some pupils in 10E and 10R that the first maths exams for the OCR Cambridge Progression Units are next week – Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st January.

Entry Level 1 in number

Entry Level 1 or 2 in calculations.

10E Reading

10E enjoying their reading!