10C Stop Motion

In art, we have explored using stop motion. We have made short animations where our names, spellings and drawings are realised.

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10C Stone Age Doctors

In history, we have been learning about prehistoric medical practices. In the Stone Age, the marvels of medicine included amputation, using splints, sewing wounds with bone needles and, everyone’s favourite, trapanning. We decided to try a couple of these medical wonders in the classroom. First we looked at making splints to help support broken bones….

We then tried trapanning, the art of shaving away part of the skull to show the brain. We practised by filing away the skin of potatoes…


We then tried our skills on eggs…

We only had one accident…

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Hooked on Fishing!!!

On Saturday, some of the Year 10 Vocational Studies group took the opportunity to try their hand at fishing.

We had an early start to the day, leaving school at 8.30am and arriving at Aldin Grange Lakes near Durham for 9am.

The day was arranged with the support of The Durham Masonic Fishing Charity, who provided equipment, lunch and volunteer anglers so that each student had one to one support and fishing advice throughout the day. There was also a professional fishing coach working with each student in turn, to ensure that everyone caught at least one fish on the day.

We had a fantastic day, and everyone did manage to catch. Some of the fish were surprisingly big – and one of us even managed to catch a carp!

There was lots of fishing talk in the minibus on the way back to school – and we are hoping that we will be able to work with the charity again to give more students the opportunity to discover the joys of fishing!!


Arriving early at Aldin Grange Lakes.

Starting out on our quest to catch fish.

First fish of the day.

Talking tactics, and learning how to ‘read the water’.

Trying further out in the quest for ‘the big one’!

That’s it – some of the larger fish are starting to feed.

A beautifully coloured Perch.

Everyone settling into the fishing – just as the sun came out!

Catapulting bait to the far bank.

All the fresh air – made everyone ready for their lunch!

A Carp makes an appearance.

Quickly followed by a nice sized Chub!

Learning how to handle fish safely.

Showing us all how to cast a line.

Even the St John’s Ambulance team decided to have a go!

Celebrating a successful day!






It’s not pancake day!

11D have started the year leaning about oils. Last lesson we made an emulsion out of water and vegetable oil and we observed why frying with oil is better that frying with water. We tested the oils by cooking pancakes, which we enjoyed at the end of the lesson as a treat.


Enjoying the final result.


We made a prediction and everyone predicted that the pancakes would cook better with oil, and we were right!


We compared the oil and water and saw that oil would give us more energy than water.


Making an emulsion, we added blue food colouring to make the water easier too see.


Jamie was very happy with his pancake.


More emulsion making.


Gabrielle was excellent at making an emulsion.


Shake it up!


Katelin worked hard for her pancake by helping shake the mix.

Yr 10 textiles

The Sports Fashion designers have begun…….


Luke shows off his amazing fashion designs in Textile Technology