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Friday communications group

After lunch every Friday a group of 8 students from across the year groups go to visit local shops and cafes.  The students look at the menus,  order and use money skills to pay.  This week we went to KFC at Thinford.


Oaks students on Army rations!

After Sgt. Major Metcalfe’s informative visit last week, he left an intriguing box of Supplies which soldiers are given when out on manoeuvres.  It was left to 8L to test this strange ‘box of tricks’.  Some flavours went down well, such as the tuna pasta, others not so well as you will see by the students’ reactions! 









7M further thaumatropes

Robbie and Cole tried different methods to spin their animation devices 


7S, 7M and 7W learning about animation

Year 7 have been making thaumatropes, an early animation device, in computing.  They have been researching the history of animation as they will soon be making their own all about road safety.


8L careers

8L were delighted to welcome Sergeant Major Metcalf to speak to them about jobs in the army.  Students tried on the uniform and hats, learned how to salute and stand to attention and even saw an army ration pack.