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Name our newspaper…

Our roving reporters are running a competition to name the school newspaper, see the fabulous poster!  Results will be announced soon.ūüďį

Communicating and social skills 

We visited the kill rooms today.  Students chose what they wanted and ordered it.  Well done !


7S Zoolab

7s had a ‘wild’ time at the zoolab workshop as part of their end of term reward.


8L computing

8L visited the school sensory garden and recorded sounds using the iPad.  It was a lovely afternoon and the students found lots of things that made a noise.
img_0481.jpg img_0452.jpg img_0475.jpg
img_0453.jpg img_0448.jpg img_0463.jpg


The group visited Thinford Services as there is a variety of cafes and shops within the complex where they could practise

  their communication skills.

8L Careers

Firefighters from Spennymoor station came to visit and talk about what they do,  they even brought the fire engine.


Communications group

Students decided to test some new skills in school on 12th.  They used their organising, financial and selling powers when they wheeled the tuck-shop trolley to their excited customers.








8L French cafe

In careers, to celebrate ‘mardi gras’, 8L opened their very own French cafe.  Students prepared the food, took orders, acted as waiters then tidied up to learn about working in a cafe.  Students also learned the traditions of Mardi Gras, Pancake Tuesday and had the opportunity to try new foods such as Brie cheese and crepes.  No escargot, though! 


7M French food tasting experience

7M had the opportunity to try some typical French food during their French lesson.  They tried Brie, crepes, brioche and baguette all washed down with ‘red wine’ … red grape juice – strictly non-alcoholic! 


 7S animations

Students have drawn a storyboard and are now building the sets from Lego or dough in preparation for filming their animations all about ‘road safety’.