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Lego printing

This is the fourth week in printing enrichment.  The students coloured a mosaic design and used this as a guide to make a print using lego.

Printing with string blocks

the group used the string block they made last week to print wallpaper.


Students went out to practise independently in shops and a cafe.

Printing masterclass #2

today the group made a string block to ink and print next week.  They glued string on a block in a shape they designed.  While waiting for the glue to dry they went back to last week’s tile and used the printing press to print their design.  

Afghan afternoon tea

8D enjoyed a sensory experience in English today.  We are reading ‘The Breadwinner’ which is set in Afghanistan.  We tried rice,  thin curry and naan washed down with Afghan style tea.  Everyone sampled the food and enjoyed it … apart from the tea!  

Enrichment printing – polystyrene tile printing.

Communications enrichment

Students voted to visit McDonald’s today to practise their skills.

Lego challenge in holiday club

Holiday club

Students got creative with Halloween-inspired batik printing.

Year 7 are ‘buzzing’!

The  Book buzz books have been handed out today, much to the delight of the lucky Y7s.