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Year 7 are ‘buzzing’!

The  Book buzz books have been handed out today, much to the delight of the lucky Y7s.

Have you heard the buzz?

As part of of The Oaks’ constant drive to promote reading and improve reading skills we have signed up for ‘Book Buzz’.  All new year 7s have picked a book and we have just received delivery of them.  They are free to the students and are theirs to keep.  Keep a look out for updates on reading events!

Theatre Royal visit

9 lucky year 7s were taken to Newcastle on Friday to see the amazing poet Michael Rosen.  We took the Metro train from Heworth to the city centre theatre.  Michael Rosen was amazing and we had a good giggle at his antics!  We had a picnic lunch and returned to school after lunch.  All the students were well behaved and showed excellent manners.  

Please Miss, I don’t want anymore!

10P tried a bowl of gruel as part of their studies about Victorian England.  The class are reading ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Dickens.  Scrooge eats gruel before he is visited by the ghosts,  of course you may remember the famous scene from ‘Oliver Twist’ … in 10Ps case they did not want more!



Communications group

students have been out and about to develop independence, social and financial confidence.

year 10 go to Bowes

Mrs Swales’ year 10 GCSE English group visited Bowes Museum last week to take part in a creative writing and printing workshop.  We looked at the portrait gallery, chose a painting to study and made some notes about the character.  Now we are back in school we are writing a creative piece based on the portrait.  After lunch we tried ‘dry point’ printing which was a new experience for everyone and we used the portraits we had looked at for inspiration.  We had a fantastic day and are fired up to produce some excellent creative writing.

Fair Trade feast.

Our family group have been exploring Fair Trade and its products.  The chocolate was everyone’s favourite!

Enrichment visit

This afternoon the communications group visited a local restaurant to practise their ordering skills. They also had to work out if they had enough money to buy what they wanted.  Everyone did very well!

9M prove it! You can read anywhere…

9M took a trip around the school looking at the best and the most weird places to read on World Book Day.

Afghan afternoon

8M immersed themselves in Afghan culture this afternoon.