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More Adam Bushnell from this afternoon.

This afternoon’s sessions were very animated with students dressing as mythical hybrid beasts!

Adam Bushnell visit

We were very lucky to have Adam visit us to inspire reading and writing stories.  Everyone had a great time using their imagination to create a mythical beast and a story.

Books books books!!

The Sun are giving free books to schools.  The Oaks will attempt to collect 3500 tokens by February 2020.  Please help us if you or anybody you know gets the newspaper by sending us the tokens.

World Mental Health Day

Today in our Family Group we talked and practised how to use a variety of techniques to stay calm, relax and unwind.

Book Buzz

All of our year 7 receive a free book to take home to inspire them to become better readers.  Reading is a very important skill and Book Buzz is Just one of the initiatives at The Oaks to support reading.

Connecting classrooms

A delegation from Zimbabwe visited the UK this week.  Ishmael, a head from a special school, spent time at The Oaks today.  He was very impressed with the facilities, the teachers and the students. There was a goodbye afternoon tea as they travel back to Africa tomorrow.  Ms Swales will visit Zimbabwe next year to visit Ishmael’s school for the hearing impaired.  The project is linked to Rights Respecting Schools and a way of sharing good practice and for our students to visualise themselves as Global Citizens working together for each other and the globe.

Communications Today

The group were excellent today ordering items at the store.  They sat and chatted with their friends.  It was fantastic seeing how independent they are becoming!

West End in school

Amy, who is an actor and dancer from the West End in London travelled up to give a workshop to year 7.  The workshop was called ‘Bringing Books to Life’ and the book was ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.  Students used gesture and facial expression to act and dance key scenes from the story.

An afternoon socialising

Students went to McDonald’s this afternoon to practise social skills.  They did very well ordering their snack and chatting to each other.

Adam Bushnell Visit

The students had a fabulous time today with the author Adam Bushnell.