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this afternoon the group were working together playing games.  Then we got on the bus and chatted as if we were passengers.  The group’s aim is to build communication and social skills.

Library revamp

The school is having a tidy of the inside library, which may explain why students have been going home with bags full of books. If parents know of any charities that would like second-hand books-mostly non-fiction please contact the school.

Go Read Bus, The Official Opening

the official opening was carried out by Terry Deary, writer of the Horrible Histories books and numerous others.  It was an excellent afternoon with Miss England,  Asda colleagues, cre8ive, Ambic and Go North East all in attendance.  A special mention to Liz Million and Lisette Auton, two inspiring writers and illustrators and Jack Cornish – our very own published author.    The bus will provide an inspiring reading space.    Thank you to everyone involved,  the bus is amazing!

KS4 and KS5 party

the students have had an excellent time at the Christmas party this afternoon.

book buzz photos

Book Buzz on the bus!

Year 7 received their free Book Buzz books today and were the first students to use the ‘Go Read Bus’.  As you can see from the photos, they were thrilled with their books and the bus.  There are a couple of finishing touches to add to the bus before its grand opening in January.  The books are provided by Book Trust for a small charge to the school who gives them to students to encourage reading for pleasure.  The students all said they were going to read the books over the Christmas break.  They said the bus was ‘cool’!

Communications and social skills

Today we went out to practise communication in a cafe environment.  Everyone did very well.

Go Read update

as you can see,  refurbishment of the bus is in full swing.  The decals are almost complete, the wheels have been refurbished and the plans for the interior are completed.  Our aim is to have the bus open around half term.  

Asda green token scheme

The reading bus has been accepted as a charity in ASDA Spennymoor for the green token scheme.  Hopefully we will win and be able to fill the shelves with new books.  Please support our cause!

Help and support from businesses

A parent has informed us that Newcastle Airport offers a system whereby you can be allocated a lanyard if you have special needs.  This is a visual for staff and fellow passengers to aid a more comfortable travel experience.  Also, shoe retailer Clinkards offers a prebookable appointment system which can allow a quiet slot for a shoe fitting.  Several cinemas offer quiet viewings of movies too.  More details will follow in the next Oaks Oracle.