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World Mental Health Day

As part of world mental health day, 8S decided to create a video to help develop positive mindset and attitude. Here is the end product. We are pretty proud of ourselves for the way it turned out! Happy viewing!

8S- Healthy Eating

8s have been completing work on healthy eating. As part of this we look at the Eatwell plate and the different food groups, discussing the importance of a varied diet. From this we designed our own healthy meals and created  models of these using clay. Here are the finished products. Some of them look good enough to eat!

All Things Phonics

Take a look at our phonics virtual classroom. Here you can access games and videos to help with letter formation, pronunciation, speed sounds set 1, 2 and 3, vowel recognition, reading and Fred Talk! Just click on the items in the image attached to follow the links! Happy reading!


7s Home Learning

Isabella from 7s has been taking part in Blue Peter’s ‘6 Badges of Summer’ challenge. She is currently working towards her green badge and has created a bug house and planted seeds. Here she is creating a bird feeder. If you would like to take part, go to:


Take a look at the attached challenge poster to see what it involves.

How many badges can you achieve? Well done Izzy!


7s Home Learning

Isabella from 7S has been baking again! This time she has made a delicious chocolate cake with the help of her sister! I think we may have found Isabella’s future career. Another fantastic effort yet again Izzy! Well done!

7S- Home Learning

This week Isabella from 7S has been working hard learning how to bake chocolate chip cookies at home. Here she is with her handiwork- She’s looking very pleased with herself and it’s easy to see why! Keep the photographs of what you have been up to coming!

7s -Clay work

As part of our art topic on ceramic pinch pots we used air dry clay to practise rolling, cutting, pinching and moulding techniques… We made shapes that we then turned into mobiles. Here we are showing our work…

7s – Fair trade fortnight

As part of fair trade fortnight 7s learnt about how fair trade helps people in other countries get paid fairly for the work that they do. We watched the fair trade film ‘The Chocolate story’ and then we tried some different fair trade chocolates, bananas and cups of tea. We described the tastes, smells and textures we observed.

World Book Day-7s

As part of World Book Day, 7s took part in lots of different reading activities across the school day.

We listened to Miss Ash reading one of her favourite books from home.

We read to our friends…

We listened to an online story read by our favourite TV stars…

And we finished the day with some Harry Potter themed yoga…

Lots of fun was had by all!

7s-Making ice cream

As part of our work on states of matter in Science, today 7s attempted to make ice cream without a freezer. We looked at using salt to lower the temperature of ice. Here we are following the instructions. While we weren’t all successful, some of us managed to turn the milkshake into ice cream and it was delicious!