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Fair trade Fortnight

In family groups, students are learning about Fairtrade. They will experience a range of Fairtrade foods and complete activities around the theme of Fairtrade.

Sport Relief

Students have been selling wristbands in aid of Sport Relief

6th Form Enterprise

6th Form have been making a selection of items that they will be selling in school tomorrow. Items include sweet bags 50p-75p, butterfly necklaces £1, soaps and bath bombs 50p and Easter cards for 20p. Peg bags and bags for life can be made to order and are £2-£4.

Textiles After School Club

Pupils have been been making beanie buddy penguins in after school club this term and finished them today. Everyone was very proud of their finished beanies.

6th Form Health and Beauty

This afternoon, some of the 6th Form visited Bishop Auckland College to experience beauty treatments. They all enjoyed their afternoon of pampering and received pedicures, manicures and massage.

Actionwork Anti Bullying Workshops

Today, we had a visit from Actionwork who held anti bullying workshops throughout the day. Pupils took part in interactive activities to help them understand bullying and the effect it can have on people’s lives. Students also explored ways to identify and combat bullying.

RRS Family Groups

Before the Half Term holidays. Family Groups were working together to design a house banner. Each Family Group has submitted their banner to be judged by house leaders. The winning designs will be made into a banner for each house and displayed in the hall.

Student Council

So far this year, student council have taken part in a visit to Durham Cathedral for Holocaust Memorial Day and a visit to The Police Headquarters. Both days were interesting and insightful. This term we are receiving a visitor to discuss with Student Council how we can become a more Eco friendly school which Students are looking forward to.

Flower arranging

Mrs Farrow’s Friday activity this term is flower arranging. Pupils painted and decorated their own vases before arranging flowers into beautiful displays.

Human rights day

Today is Human Rights Day, students have spent their family group time finding out more about human rights. They have taken part in activities that explore the Bill of Rights and decided which rights are most important to them. Some students have investigated the theme of human rights in films and others have created a display about their rights.