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9W Textiles.

This week, 9W finished their sea life inspired bags. We also worked hard to make some felt. We will use it next week to make something festive.

Family groups

Today some of our groups presented what they have been working on over the last few weeks. Presentations included: performing plays, creating artwork, model making and creating stories. Everyone has done a fantastic job.

Actionwork Anti Bullying Workshops

Today, all of our KS3 pupils took part in anti bullying workshops. The interactive sessions helped pupils learn about different types of bullying and its effect on people. Pupils discussed a range of strategies to combat bullying in school and in other situations.

9W Felting

Today in textiles, 9W made felt. They will cut them into shapes next week to decorate their bags for life.

9W decorated sea life

Today 9W sewed up their sea life creatures. Everyone was really pleased with their final product.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

9W Sea Life Project.

Today, 9W were block printing onto fabric. They used printing blocks that they had designed and made last week. They were all really pleased with the result. Next week we will sew the fabric into fish shapes.

Year 11 Expressive Arts

Today, year 11 textiles are displaying their work to parents, staff and pupils. They have all worked hard throughout the course and produced some wonderful pieces as well as learning new skills. Well done year 11!

Making print blocks

As part of our textiles project, year 7 are making their own printing blocks. They will use the printing blocks to create a repeat pattern on their wind socks. Fantastic work year 7!

Textiles, using computer aided manufacture

Today some of 8G started making hats out of recycled fleece. The fleece began its life as plastic bottles before it was recycled. We started sewing our hats using the sewing machine and used an industrial embroidery machine to begin to decorate them. We think they look very professional.