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Life skills in the community

Some of the sixth form have been developing their shopping skills. They have also ordered and paid for their own drinks in Weatherspoons. They enjoyed socialising with the group. 

Life skills

Some of the sixth form have been practising shaving (with the cap on for safety). They did an excellent job and I am sure they will be ready to shave on their own soon.

Sensory activities

Some of the sixth form have enjoyed a sensory story about going on a trip.

Developing cleaning skills

Some of our new Sixth Form have been developing their basic cleaning skills in the kitchen.

Domestic skills

Some of the Sixth form have been learning how to do the laundry. They have looked at washing labels, sorted clothes and loaded the washing machine.


On Monday, the Sixth Form held a harvest festival. Thank you to parents and carers who donated food items. They have been delivered to the local food bank.

World cup celebrations

The Sixth form have been learning about the football world cup. This afternoon we had a penalty shoot out, danced to football anthems and watched the opening ceremony.

A fantastic day out

We have had a fantastic day. The circus was great. We are now back at the caravan enjoying the sun and eating pizza!!!

Blackpool in the sun

Today we made our breakfast and came into Blackpool. We bought some gifts, went on the beach, had fish and chips for lunch and now we are ready for the circus. 

Blackpool part 2