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8R Pop Art

In creative studies, we explored pop art. We looked at Andy Warhol’s work and used some of his images for our inspiration.

First, we coloured images of fruit…

We then cut the images and added them to different coloured paper…

I hope you like our final effort…

Until next time.

10C Family Stone

On the last day of term, we have finished a creative art project, which involved moulding and decorating clay. I hope you like our efforts.

Until next time.

10C Zoo Lab

Zoo Lab visited school today. We had a session examining the different animals that we had been learning about in science. We at looked animals from the different vertebrate and invertebrate trees; we examined a giant gastropod (snail), diplopods (millipedes), insects (cockroaches), arachnid (tarantula), reptiles (snake and tortoise) and mammals (rats).

Until next time.

7H Sunset in the savannah

In art, we have completed a project using recycled materials; we made a sunset from old tissue and scraps of paper; we cut empty milk bottles to make a herd of elephants; our final image was of a herd of elephants walking by a river at sunset. If you look closely, you can see the reflection of the silhouetted clouds and trees in the river.

Until next time.

8P Light Microscopes

This half term, we have used magnifying glasses and portable microscopes to explore the microscopic world around us. Today, we used a standing light microscope. This microscope has x 4, x 10 and x 40 magnification lenses. We viewed a range of different microscope slides and drew our observations using the different lenses.

Until next time.

10C Plant Parts

In science, we have been studying plants. This week, we look at the parts and the functions of a plant. We investigated the leaves, stems, flowers and roots of different wild plants using magnifying glasses and microscopes…

These are some of the things we could see under the microscope…

Until next time.

8P Microscopy

In science, we have been exploring the microscopic world. Last week, we used magnifying glass to explore different objects but today we advanced to using a microscope.

We examined different plants and insects at x20 and x40 magnifications. We found a leafhopper amongst our plants and this insect took centre stage in our drawings.

Until next time.

10C Exploring paint effects

As part of a creative studies project we have been experimenting with different paint effects.

We explored using dilute acrylics, smearing them and then using a hairdryer to swirl the wet colours together…

We then examined the effect of smearing different acrylics together and overlaying them…

We then flicked paint crystals on wet paper and watched the colours mingle together…

Our project is nearly finished. Do you know what it could be about?

Until next time.

10C Display

We decided to make a new display in the classroom. First, we took the old one down, recycled the paper and put up a new background…

We then took images of ourselves and peers, on the iPad and altered them…

We then stuck our efforts onto our display…

Keep your eyes on the blog for the finished effort.

Until next time.

10C Animal Adaptations

In science, we have been learning about animal adaptations. Today we looked at some different adaptations. Animals have different adaptations to help them hunt and find food.

We explored how filter feeders eat food; how multi eyed creatures forage; and how adapted claws could work.

Until next time.