About: Mr Carroll

11C Zoo Lab

On Thursday morning, we were invited to a Zoo Lab session. We learned about different types of animal and were able to touch and interact with them; we enjoyed learning about corn snakes, hedgehogs, hissing cockroaches and giant snails.


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11C Mother’s Day Gifts

In design technology, we made plant pots for Mother’s day. We planted tomato seeds and let them germinate. We made plant pots from some used tin cans and decorated them with papier mache and paint. We then used red clay to make tomato shapes and attached them to our pots. I hope you like our efforts…

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11C Games

In PHSE, we decided to play some games that had an element of skill and competition!

First, we played a ball and spoon race. Mr Carroll and Mr Hetherington had to check the going for the race…

Over confidence caused Mr Carroll to fall…

We then let the pupils play…


We then tested who was the quickest with the chopsticks…

Finally we played…

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11C Low Barns

Today, we went to Low Barns nature reserve, at Witton-le-Wear. It is a site of Site of Special Scientific Interest. We visited the visitor centre, had our lunch, and decided the route we would take around the reserve. We visited different bird hides and kept a keen lookout for different birds, mammals, insects and plants. Last month over 60 species of bird had been spotted at the nature reserve. We may have been a little too noisy as we didn’t see that many!

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11C Spring Lambs

This afternoon, we ventured out of the classroom and explored the Auckland Walk for signs of spring. We saw new buds and shoots on the trees, daffodils were flowering along the pathway and the lambs were prancing in the fields.

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11C Mary Anning

In history, we learned about Mary Anning. We learned that she was a famous British paleontologist  from the nineteenth century. She discovered a range of famous and important fossils around Lyme Regis.  First, we looked at how fossils are made and skeletons of different prehistoric animals. We then looked at fossil foot prints and made our own…


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11C Tray Bake Pancakes

We continued our pancake theme and made a tray bake variation. We made the pancake batter as normal.


We then poured the batter into containers with grease proof paper and then added bananas, apples, blueberries and peanut butter.




We baked them in the oven. We hope you like our efforts.


11C High and Low Pitches

In science, we explored what makes the sound high and low pitched sounds.

Our first experiment involved filling bottles with different amounts of water and then looking at the effects of the sounds made by banging or blowing in them.  Some of us were able to describe the difference in terms of sound waves and vibrations.

We then worked as a group and listened to the different sounds xylophones and boomwackers made…


We were able to link the size of the instrument to the type of pitch it made.

Until next time.

11C Pancakes

On Shrove Tuesday, we decide to go with the flow and make pancakes.

We practised our pancake flipping skills with card board pancakes…


As you could have guessed, it was a little chaotic…


We made the batter and ate them with various sweet toppings…


Everyone then had to clean their plates…


Until next time.

11C Colourful Parrots

In history, we have been learning about bird adaptations. We used the colourful inspiration from parrots’ feathers in our art lesson.

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