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7P Displaying Data

In mathematics, we have been learning about data. Today, we look at how you can display the data you have collected. We learned that some people like to look at data in graphs and pictograms. Therefore, we displayed our data as 3D block graphs…

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9C Scientific Enquiry- Properties of Material

In science, we have been exploring the waterproof properties of materials. We tested different types of material for their abilities to absorb or repel water. After we tested the material we looked at them in using magnifiers and a microscope to see the differences.

Here are our results.

Dry fabric-

Wet fabric-

And paper fibre under a microscope-

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9C Laying a Table

We have been looking at what sort of jobs you could carry out if you worked in a cafe. We decided that laying a table would be a good skill to learn. First, we practised, using a picture template…

We then tried to recall the layout of settings, without the template…

Next week we will be going all out and trying to lay table silver service style. Until next time.

9C Using a Stethoscope

In PHSE, we have been looking at first aid. This week we looked at the uses of a stethoscope, an instrument that allows you to hear inside the body. We listened to the sounds our heart, lungs and the abdominal region; we listened to the “lub dub” of our hearts; the gurgling of our intestines; the air blowing through our lungs.

We really enjoyed this lesson. Until next time.

9C Out and About

We have been working on our communication and money handling skills in real-life situations. We visited Gregg’s and bought ourselves a snack and drink…

The staff at Greggs’ were impressed with our manners.

We then visited the Norman Cornish gallery in Spennymoor town centre. We had been looking at Norman’s work and were excited to see his paintings and sketches…

We greatly enjoyed our afternoon. Until next time.

7P Collecting Data

In mathematics, we have started a topic on data collection. We looked at how we can sort and categorise different objects. We used different criteria to sort different items and then commented on our results.

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9C Smoothies

We have been learning about working in a bar and cafe. Today we decided to make strawberry and banana smoothies. But first, we decided to quickly grow hipster beards…

We watched a video on making smoothies. We then recalled the different ingredients, utensils and the recipe for making the perfect strawberry and banana smoothie. We then worked in pairs to make our smoothies…

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9C Barista

In geography, we have been learning about the different jobs that you can have in a restaurant or cafe. Today we looked the role of barista. We recalled the different hot drinks that a barista could make. We then collected the ingredients and utensils needed to make marvellous hot chocolates. We then made hot chocolates for our class mates…

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9C Working in a cafe

In geography, we have been learning about the world of work. We looked at the role of a waiter. We have been looking at how to take a drink order and make simple drinks for our peers…


Next week we will be looking at what a barista does in cafe. Until next time.

7P and 9C Money

Both classes, in mathematics, have been learning about money. We have been recognising and describing the different coins, and recalling their denominations. Also, we have been trying to use them to buy sweets.

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