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Year 10 Science: Flame tests

As part of their OCR Entry Level Award our students are assessed on their practical skills. Today we conducted the flame test investigation.


8W Science

This week 8W have been working on our measuring skills. We spent one lesson measuring water and using pippettes.

Today we used our skills to measure water that we boiled, using science apparatus. Some of us used a thermometer to measure the temperature. We wrote a risk assessment to help us stay safe.

7E Science: Night and day

This half of the term we will be exploring space. Today we looked at how night and days occurs.

We inflated a balloon and stuck a cut out image of Australia on it, we used a globe to make sure we put it in the right place!

We then used string to carefully hang the balloon, which acted as Earth, from the ceiling.

We used a torch to act as the sun and rotated the ‘Earth’ so the sun would show midnight, midday, sunset and sunrise in Australia.

Next lesson we are going to look at phases of the moon.

Year 10 Science: Acids and Metals

Year 10 are currently working on the ‘Are you overreacting?’module for their Entry Level qualification.

This week we have been looking at the reactants and products produced when a metal reacts with acid and we measured the rates of reaction.

We also tested for hydrogen gas.

Finally we have placed iron, zinc and magnesium in order of reactivity when acid is added to them.


10L: Science

Today 10L have been making bird feeders.  They had to measure out ingredients carefully and follow a method.


1OL: Science and seeds

Over the last 2 lessons we have been investigating how seeds are dispersed.

We looked at how the wind moves seeds from place to place and made our own helicopter seeds using paper and a paper clip.


10L Science: Making dog biscuits

10L have been making dog biscuits for our AQA Pre Entry Level in Animal Management.

We carefully measured the ingredients.

We stirred the ingredients as they went into the bowl.


 Our pre cooked product! We are very proud of them.

8W Magnets

8W have started a new topic ‘Magnets’. Today we made our way to the outdoor classroom and investigated what was magnetic and what was not.


We then put the magnets together and discovered they attract each other or repeal each other.

7E Science: Conductors

7E have been learning about electricity. Today we have been exploring which materials will conduct electricity and which will not. We created a circuit to test them.


Zoo Lab Group 1

Today we had Rob from Zoo Lab visit us. He brought along some friends…