About: Mrs Metcalfe

Science Club

On Friday WO2 Metcalfe of the Royal Army Medical Corps visited science club to teach the class some medical techniques and discuss careers in medicine in the Armed Forces.

We had a go at  tracheal intubation and discussed how important it is to maintain an airway on a casualty.

We learned how to stop bleeding.

We also tried CPR, we found it exhausting!

Science Club Friday Enrichment

Today we looked at mini beasts, bats, nests and used microscopes.


7B Science: Variation

7B have been learning about variation between animal species. We have created our own animals and we made a model of them. We hope you like them.


Science Club Friday Enrichment

Today we have been exploring colours.

First we did chromatography.

Then we looked at how colour diffuses.

Then we made psychedelic milk.


We even saw a rainbow.

Year 10 Science Microscopes

As part of our ‘Dead or alive’ topic year 10 have been using microscopes.

We focussed our lens and we drew our observations.


11L science melting and burning

Today we found out what happened to some materials when they were placed over a Bunsen burner. Our key words were melt and burn.

We found out that chocolate melted.

So did the ice.


We completed a table showing our results.

8E Digestive system

To complete 0ur topic food and digestion we made a model digestive system.

We used a pestle and mortar to act as the teeth.

The plastic bag acted as the stomach. We added some coffee.
 We squeezed all of the water out, which would happen in the small intestine.

We know what happens at the end!

Enterprise Harry Potter

Students have been busy making Harry Potter sweet bags, hot chocolate, bookmarks and posters. We have some reindeer hot chocolate too. We hope to see you at the fayre tomorrow.

Science club

Today we made red cabbage indicator.

We chopped up the red cabbage and added water, we used a pipette to work on our science skills.

We then placed the red cabbage and water over the Bunsen burner.

We then filtered the red cabbage, when it was cool.

We then tested the red cabbage indicator on some unknown liquids.

We used the pH scale to tell us what they were.


Friday Enrichment: Science Club

Today we made sparklers in science club.