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Year 10 Science

Year 10 are continuing to work on their science entry level qualification this year and are currently working on the topic ‘Pushes and pulls’ which covers levers and forces. Today we carried out a practical test and refreshed our memories on the different types of forces.

9W Science

We made salt crystals in science. Do you like them?

9W Science

The marvellous 9W have been learning how air resistance works. We made parachutes and tested them.

Year 9 Science

We have been working through the ‘Driving Along’ topic for our science entry level qualification. The topic is about speed, reaction times and car safety.

We carried out an experiment so we could practise calculating our speed.

First we measured out 20 metres and then we worked in pairs.

One of us did the activity and the other timed them using a stopwatch.

We ran, hopped, skipped, walked and did heel to toe, as quickly as we could.

We then logged our times.

We calculated our speed once we got back into the classroom and put our data into a graph.

11L Science

We have been working on the AQA award Introduction to chemistry. This week we explored what happened when we put magnesium metal into hydrochloric acid.

We conducted a risk assessment first.

We could see bubbling, hear fizzing and the test tube felt warm from the chemical reaction taking place.

Zoo Lab

We met Gary the Snail.

Twiggy the stick insect.

Noodles the corn snake.

And Elsa the rat.

7B Science

In science we have been learning about reversible and irreversible changes. We carried out a science experiment to see if we could remove the salt from salt water. We added food colouring so we could see the bubbling water more clearly.

We set up our own equipment and some of us even lit our own Bunsen burners.