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7M Science

7M are learning about variation. In this topic we look at how living organisms are different and how they have adapted to their environments.

Over the past 2 lessons we have designed and made a model of our own animal which is a mix of at least two different animals. Can you guess the animal combinations?

Myths and Legends

Today we explored aboriginal culture and had a go at aboriginal dot painting. Today we painted a boomerang and explored mixing colours and different dot techniques. We hope you like our work. Next week we are putting our skills to the test and have selected Australian animals to paint.

We practised first and made some designs,

Myths and Legends

Today we learned about Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot. We made our own sparklers! Next week we will be doing something crafty, so stay tuned.

11B Science

Year 11 are working through the Creepy Crawlies topic. Over the last 2 lessons we have been exploring how microscopes are used and learned that quadrats make sampling easier when counting plants in larger areas.

Because we can’t access the field at the moment we drew plants and the table and then counted how many were in our quadrat.

Myths and Legends

During Friday enrichment year 7 have spent an afternoon learning about the legend of the unicorn. We made some bright unicorn inspired slime and a bit of a mess! See you after half term.

Year 9 Science: Genes

In science, group 2 have been learning why we look the way we do. We used an online coin flipper to see if we had heads or tails to determine the allele of our monster. We used that information to create the monsters genotype and then it’s phenotype. We drew our monster then created a model of it to get in the Halloween spirit! We hope you like our creations. Can you spot the variations?

Friday Enrichment: Myths and Legends

Last week we learned about the mythology behind mermaids and where their tale may have originated from. We used our science skills to create some mermaid eggs (although we think they would give birth to live young). This week we looked at the results.

Today is mental health awareness day, so we finished the afternoon with some dancing, laughing and then some relaxing music, calming breathing and colouring activities.

Friday Enrichment: Myths and Legends

This week in myths and legends we have been learning folklore around the fairy folk. We created some fairy doors to welcome them into our homes…or to make sure the naughty ones leave!

We picked our own colours and some of us painted our doors, some used felt tips.

Enjoy your weekend.

Year 11 Science Control Systems

Year 11 have been covering the topic Control Systems. We have been looking at how the kidneys work. Mrs Hyams dissected kidneys and identified how they work.

We also created some wonderful scientific leaflets about diabetes.

9E Science: Burning ethanol

Year 9 have been investigating the energy released from burning fuels. We looked at independent, dependent and controlled variables and the students set up their own equipment and recorded their data in a table. (RRS article 29)