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Year 11 Science Control Systems

Year 11 have been covering the topic Control Systems. We have been looking at how the kidneys work. Mrs Hyams dissected kidneys and identified how they work.

We also created some wonderful scientific leaflets about diabetes.

9E Science: Burning ethanol

Year 9 have been investigating the energy released from burning fuels. We looked at independent, dependent and controlled variables and the students set up their own equipment and recorded their data in a table. (RRS article 29)

Uniformed Services

The Uniformed Services taster course credits count towards the ASDAN Personal Development Programme. We have completed all of our Uniformed Services credits and are now working towards more ASDAN credits. At the moment we are working on the community work module and created a sensory afternoon for all ages and abilities. (RRS article 15).

9E Science

Today 9E made an electroscope. An electroscope detects static electricity and the aluminium leaves at the bottom of the copper wire separate when charged.

Uniformed Services

As part of our Uniformed Services taster course, we had to raise money for a charity. As team we decided Combat Stress would be a charity we were interested in and last term we held a waffle, pancake and hot chocolate bar to raise money for Combat Stress. We managed to raise £100 and are very proud of our achievement.

Year 9 Science

In science we are working on our Entry Level qualification and working on the topic ‘Physical and Chemical Changes’. We made non-Newtonian fluids…and a mess!

8N Science

8N have just finished the topic ‘Respiration and the lungs’.

Today we explored where the heart is located in relation to the lungs, saw the size of the liver and looked at the oesophagus and trachea. We compared the textures between the heart and lungs.

We have also made and labelled the lungs.

Our next topic is ‘Sound and hearing’ stay tuned to see what we learn.

Year 11 Science

Today we tested our carrot indicator, we worked on our fine motor skills using a pipette and recorded our results.

Year 11 Science

Today we recapped how to make food based indicators, instead of red cabbage we made carrot indicator. We grated the carrot, set up our equipment and heated the carrots in 200ml of water over a Bunsen burner. Next lesson we will investigate if substances are acid or alkali using our home made indicator.

Year 11 Science Rainbow Fizz

Year 11 are currently learning about acids and alkalis. Today we focused on safety when using acids and made rainbow fizz.