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Friday Enrichment

In myths and legends we have been learning about folklore involving the fae folk. We decorated our own fairy doors. We hope you like them.

7M Science

7M are covering particles in science. Today we explored non-Newtonian fluids.

8T Science

In science we are covering the topic ‘Light’. We spent 2 lessons learning about shadows. We chose our own design, then made shadow puppets. We worked in small groups and created a story using our puppets.

Friday Enrichment

In myths and legends we had a message in runes, we figured out what it said.

So we did!

We forged swords and shields. We researched traditional Viking patterns and added a modern twist.

Getting fighting fit was part of the battle plan.

We celebrated by making some non alcoholic mead.

There were mixed reviews.

Acids and Alkalis

In science 7M used universal indicator to find out if substances were acids or alkalis.

Friday Enrichment Myths and Legends

This term we are learning about Norse mythology. Last week we learned how Vikings used runes and this week we made them!

Next week we shall be painting our runes, so come back and see our marvellous designs.

Year 7 Science

7M and 7S have both started the chemistry module ‘Acids and Bases’. We started by trying some of the everyday acids we have already encountered in food.

Some flavours were not popular.

8T Science

Since returning 8T have started a new topic called Rocks and Weathering. So far we have learned who Mary Anning is and used our observation skills to examine some rocks of our own. Great job 8T.

7M Christmas Day 1

What a great day, we started by opening presents, and watched the school assembly where we celebrated our achievements and laughed so much at Mr Tweddle and Mr Keen! We then played games, and ate a pizza and a buffet for lunch. We enjoyed a movie to finish off the afternoon. Thank you FOTO’s for the donation so we could enjoy today.

Myths and Legends

Today we created our own legends. Adorable? Horrifying? You decide.