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Brass Day

A number of pupils have had a wonderful day taking part in a brass workshop with three other schools.
After a mornings practice we all came together to perform to the sixth form and the year 7 pupils.

ASDA Spennymoor Christmas Tree

Have a look at our decorated baubles next time you are in ASDA

Enterprise Fayre

The winning ticket for the Christmas Cake Raffle was 524, won by Mrs Davis from 7D. Congratulations and enjoy.

Decorating baubles for ASDA

Come along to ASDA in Spennymoor to see our decorated baubles on the Christmas tree.

8E Maths – investigating pattern


Pupils have designed and painted their own mugs. We baked them in the oven to set the paint and then enjoyed a nice drink from them.

STEM Challenge in Maths

10M, 10K and 11L took part in a STEM activity using their mathematical, technology and engineering skills. They had to build the tallest tower possible using only spaghetti and blu tack, it then had to hold the weight of a marble at it’s highest point possible.

Glass painting

Crushed Chilli Gallery Durham

This afternoon we have been designing our Christmas tree decorations using glass pieces.

8D using shape blocks in Maths

8D talked about types of 2D shapes and then used the shape blocks to fit together in different forms. Some formed 3D shapes while others made reflections.