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11W- frozen Halloween hands, pumpkin shortbreads and witches wands!

11W have been enjoying lots of Halloween activities and treats.

First we explored frozen Halloween hands.  When they melted we found they were full of spiders and other bugs.   We’ve also enjoyed a Halloween baking session where we made shortbread pumpkins.  Some of the pupils chose to make some that were chocolate flavoured.  Finally we’ve practised with fine motor skills by carefully gluing Halloween sequins onto ribbon to make our witches wands.  Have a great Halloween everyone!



11W Spooky meringues & Fizzy Pumpkin

In 11W we made spooky meringue ghosts.  The pupils enjoyed using the switch to work the mixer.  They also enjoyed eating them.  They were delicious!  We also made a fizzy potion in our homegrown pumpkin.  We explored the potion using the UV lights.  Happy Halloween everyone!

11W Halloween part 1

Today we picked a Pumpkin from our very own Pumpkin patch in the Sensory garden. As part of our topic “Growth” and our ASDAN Transition Challenge, we sowed the pumpkin seeds in March. We have looked after the plants so well they have produced a lovely big pumpkin for us to carve for Halloween. Pupils explored our super pumpkin, then we made our own little pumpkin mono-prints in our art lesson. They looked so good we decided to make some bat prints too. We will wait for the sticky ink to dry, then we will cut some scary facial features and stick them on to our prints.
RRS 23 , 29 & 31

11W Science

11w made gloop in Science this week. Pupils measured the cornflower and water, chose their favourite colours and used tools to mix the ingredients. We watched it glow under the UV light. It is a non- Newtonian fluid…. it remains solid when you squeeze it, when you let go it is runny. It gives us an opportunity to develop our fine motor skills by clenching and releasing our fists. We watched it drip through the sieve. Pupils also explored other UV reactive materials like the slime we made last week.
RRS 23 , RRS 29

11W- Halloween light pictures

Today in 11W some of the pupils made Halloween pictures on the light boxes.  The pupils made pictures of pumpkins with help from the staff.  They then looked at the different autumn colours they had made.  Happy Halloween everyone!


Today in 11W

11W- making crispy cake pumpkins

Today in 11w we made rice crispy cake pumpkins.  It was great fun counting the marshmallows, slicing the butter and adding the stalk and leaf.  We think they look great and they taste delicious! Happy Halloween everyone!

11W Zoo Lab

Today we were lucky enough to get a visit from Zoo Lab.  We saw giant snails, rats, snakes, cockroaches and tarantulas.  Pupils all held or touched the animals.  They had a great time.  Some of the animals even got a special elbow bump from one of our pupils!


11W- Come on England!

The pupils in 11W have shown their support to the England team today by making bucket hats and England cakes.  They have practised their fine motor skills in lots of different ways, i.e. helping to use a ruler, painting with a paint brush and  mixing with a spoon.   We wish England well on Sunday.  Come on England!


11W- A day at the beach!

Today 11W had a day at beach!  As we couldn’t go in person, we brought the beach into the classroom.  We started off the day by decorating England flags to go into our sandcastles.  We then went in the sand and the sea.  The pupils listened to the sea in the shells.  We had a sandcastle competition and Lesley judged the winner.  It even began to rain just like a typical day at the British seaside!  Nicola and Rita had to shelter with an umbrella!  We had fish and chips for lunch followed by an ice cream topped with sprinkles, sauce and a flake! They were delicious!  We had a great day.





11W- recycling!

In 11W we have used an old piece of wood and plastic bottle tops to create a tulip for the sensory garden.  First we painted the wood, then varnished it.  Finally we used the drill and hammer to attach the bottle tops to the wooden flower.  We hung it in the sensory garden for everyone to enjoy.