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10R enjoyed a visit to the sensory garden to harvest our Lavender flowers. Pupils explored the texture and smell of the lavender, and used lavender “paint brushes” to make marks on fabric.

The fabric was used to make lavender bags using the classes super-duper new sewing machine – bought for us by F.O.T.O.S. Pupils operated the sewing machine by pressing the foot with their hands.

9R Lilies we planted.

Today we looked at & touched the lilies that we had grown from bulbs  a few weeks ago. The lily plants were at all different growing stages. We then took our plants home.

9R Planting Marigolds

We have been learning about Mexico this half term. Marigolds have symbolic meanings in Mexico; they are used to decorate Offrendas (shrines) to celebrate Mexican day of the dead. 9R have got the planting bug, we put compost into our pots then  planted the marigolds. We felt the compost and smelled  the leaves and flower buds. Now we will wait for the flowers to open!

9R Making Jam Tarts

This afternoon we made jam tarts, we poured a pastry mixture into a bowl, added water then gave it a mix, took it in turns to knead the dough and roll it out. We then tasted and smelled the jam – ooh lime and strawberry! We spooned the jam into our pastry cases, then baked them in the oven.  Our jam tarts looked really yummy when cooked. We made some letters using the left over pastry and asked pupils to find their initial sound.


9R Watering the lavender we planted

Today we ventured out into our Sensory Garden, we looked, felt and had a smell of the lovely lavender that we had planted a couple of weeks ago. Our lavender needed a drink so we used our watering can to give our plants a drink.

9R and the jazzy jellyfish

Continuing our under the sea project….9R had lots of fun painting cling-film with UV Paint, we used different painting tools to make our marks. Then we turned the lights down to see our work glow. We made a wire frame to make a jelly fish, the wire was covered with the cling-film we had painted. We explored different textures and coloured materials. With support, pupils wove materials through the holes in the mesh, and made long tentacles for our giant jelly fish. Pupils were very excited to see the final jelly fish dangling over the side-lyer.

9R Planting In The Sensory Garden

We went into our sensory garden to plant our lavender, we all had a feel of the lavender then a smell. We dug a hole for the lavender plant to go in, then we watered them. We all enjoyed the sunshine.  Thank you to Miss Dando and her group from building our planter.

9R Zoo Lab

9R had a fabulous time visiting Zoo Lab ! They came face to face with an African Land Snail, a snake and a Tarantula! Now which one should we get as  a classroom pet?

9R Dyeing eggs for Easter

As part of our Easter celebrations, 9R explored natural and man-made dyes. We wrapped eggs in onion skin and boiled them; as well as boiling eggs in brightly coloured dyes of the pupils’ choice. Pupils looked at the finished eggs to see which had been the most effective.

9R Egg jarping!

9R had a lot of fun trying out a traditional Easter game of egg jarping. Pupils chose one of our beautifully dyed eggs and rolled it down a ramp to see which ones would survive and which would get smashed. The least damaged egg wins!