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Spaghetti and marshmallow construction with Mrs De Muschamp!

8L go on a journey

8L used lots of different vehicles to make different tracks. Everybody chose a different colour. We hope you like our work.

8L Journey

8L went for a journey around the school grounds.

We followed a map to find the clues and we took our telescopes.

We followed the snake.

We went through the gate…

We counted to 10 with the timer…

We blew the horn for the bus …


We walked under the rose arch…

and over the bridge (where we found some chocolate coins!!)

We might go on a journey again!!!!


8L baking

As part of our journeys topic, 8L went for a journey up onto the top field to pick blackberries.

We used them to make a blackberry and apple crumble.

We all enjoyed feeling, tasting and smelling the ingredients and the final crumble which was delicious. We even asked for more!

8L enjoying the sensory garden

8L were looking for different textures, sounds and smells in the sensory garden.

8L Exploring foam

8L enjoyed exploring foam

7L make scones

7L have been making and tasting cheese scones.

First we explored the equipment.

Then we grated the cheese

and weighed out the ingredients

We mixed it all together

Rolled out the dough, chose the cutters and cut out the scones.

We baked them in the oven then tasted them…yum yum!

7L Windmills

During our topic on wind, 7L made windmills.

First we decorated them.


Then we cut the sails using scissors.

After they were put together, we tested them to see if they worked.

We used a switch to operate the ’cause and effect wind machine’

You can see that we all really enjoyed ourselves and asked for more.

7L social time

7L enjoyed a special celebratory snack time with birthday cake and candles!


Then they shared the experience with their friends in 11C.

7L make and test boats

We chose the base for our boats from a selection.

We squeezed the clay.

Then put the clay into the base to hold the mast and attached the sails.

We floated the boats then blew on them to move them across the water.