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7L make scones

7L have been making and tasting cheese scones.

First we explored the equipment.

Then we grated the cheese

and weighed out the ingredients

We mixed it all together

Rolled out the dough, chose the cutters and cut out the scones.

We baked them in the oven then tasted them…yum yum!

7L Windmills

During our topic on wind, 7L made windmills.

First we decorated them.


Then we cut the sails using scissors.

After they were put together, we tested them to see if they worked.

We used a switch to operate the ’cause and effect wind machine’

You can see that we all really enjoyed ourselves and asked for more.

7L social time

7L enjoyed a special celebratory snack time with birthday cake and candles!


Then they shared the experience with their friends in 11C.

7L make and test boats

We chose the base for our boats from a selection.

We squeezed the clay.

Then put the clay into the base to hold the mast and attached the sails.

We floated the boats then blew on them to move them across the water.

7L visit the cafe

7L visited the Whistling Teapot to practise their communication skills.

First we chose new magazines to buy.

Then we ordered our snacks and learned how to squeeze the ketchup bottle.

We looked at the magazines that we had bought and enjoyed people watching.

7L Blowing paint to make pictures

During our topic on wind 7L have been blowing paint to make pictures.

7L Make Pancakes

7L enjoyed weighing out the ingredients:

smelling the ingredients:



experimenting with the ingredients…

and tasting the finished pancakes.

then we had a go at tossing our replica pancake…


7L Out and About

7L visited the supermarket to buy their snack.

First we collected a trolley.

Next we tried out some toys.

We selected the things we needed from our list, then loaded them onto the conveyor belt and paid the checkout assistant.

7L Science experiment

7L enjoyed making snowballs from bicarbonate of soda then seeing which would melt quickest when added to vinegar.


We guessed what would happen next, whether the snowball would react more or less than the previous one.

We looked carefully at the bubbles being produced and felt them to see if they were soft or hard.

We smelled the gas to see if it had a smell.