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8R – RE

8R have completed the topic of Judaism for this half term. As the final lesson this week, we have explored the Holy Land of Judaism: Israel. We looked at images on the board and picked out key features, as well as making a collage of images of Israel. Some of us were even able to differentiate between images of Israel and non-Israel images.

8H – Pumpkin Carving

After a busy morning of English Literature and learning all about Climate change, then maths and English intervention after dinner, 8H carved our pumpkin.

We were lucky enough to have a pumpkin brought in from a family allotment, so we all got to work scooping and carving.

Pretty scary final product!

8R – life skills

8R have been working on the topic of healthy living. So far this term we have had a sensory exploration of different foods, worked on our knife skills, and made our very own falafel.

8H’s week so far…

We’ve been up to all sorts this week!

In maths we have been working on quantities, and one more/less.

In English some of us are working on understanding the common symbols we use in school and to communicate.

In RRS we have been creating a display all about climate change; we identified images of forest fires, and painted a fire-colour background.

We explored shadow and light with torches in a dark room.

Another busy week!

8H – Independence in the kitchen

This week 8H had a go following a visual recipe to make grilled cheese from start to finish. Our independence is really growing – all of us successfully put our baking tray in the oven independently! We’ll be chefs in no time.

8H – a multi-sensory exploration Autumn

8H have been making the most of the good bits of weather – we have completed an AQA relating to exploring Autumn. Each of us made our own tray with a checklist, pencil, wax crayon and piece of paper. We got dressed for the sunny but chilly weather and off we went.

On our checklist we had many things to search for; yellow/brown/red/orange leaves, berries, conkers, and pinecones.

We found most things on our list, watched the leaves fall from the trees, listened to them rustling, felt them and smelled them.

We also used what we found to do leaf rubbings and painted stencils.

May the sunny weather continue!

7H’s Tuesday

We started the day with English; working on spellings, letter recognition, and communication using PECS sentence starters.

We had Music with Mr Lock, and enjoyed doing Cardio Drumming.

Next we learnt about where and how different fruits and vegetables grow, and created our own landscape. Despite our jam-packed morning we were engaged right until the last moment before lunch!

In the afternoon we competed for sports day, and have all gone home with medals!

A busy day – same again tomorrow?

7H’s week

We’ve had a full on week! Across the curriculum we’ve had a push on communication – seeking out any opportunity to get our AAC devices and communication boards out!

In Maths we’ve been looking at measurement and weight. One lesson we focused on labelling the heavier item. We’ve also kept up our practice of addition and number recognition.

The next lesson we looked at measuring weight using scales – what better way than to bake? We made the dough one day, refrigerated it, then rolled it out the next day. We tied in some communication by requesting a food colouring each.

7H’s final week of half term

We’ve had a busy final week to end a great half term. Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to.

Have a lovely week of 7H – see you soon!

10C Life skills

10C continued their topic of life skills. We discussed different methods of food storage and tried a few out for ourselves.

Then we moved onto the best part – baking!

See you after the holidays 10C!