About: Miss Fink

Miss Fink is a member of the middle leadership team. She coordinates ICT and Art & Design. In addition to this she also teaches Horticulture to Key Stage 4 pupils. She is the leader of the Elm house group. Miss Fink also runs an Art and Games club for lunch time extra curricular activities, as well as running the jewellery and nail bar activity on a Friday afternoon. She is a member of the after school fun club team.

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Extra Curricular Activities : Pottery

Just a few examples of some of the work produced in pottery club last night. These will eventually end up being hanging decorations. 


Pottery Enrichment Activity

Pupils have made punch pots this afternoon. They were also set a ‘challenge task’ to create a ‘Mousey Thompson’ style mouse using hand building techniques. 


Year 8 : Art & Design

The start of a new term means only one thing… We are starting a new project! Year 8 pupils have been learning about Pop art, the 1960’s and Andy Warhol today. Our work focussed on Warhol’s soup can print today.  

 We enjoyed listening to music from the sixties while we sketched soup cans in our sketchbooks too. 

9F form group update

It’s been a busy term for 9F! 

We have been working hard during Accelerated Reading time and have read various books throughout the term. 

In addition to this some of 9F have earned enough acorns to go out on an end of term reward trip on the last week of term. Activities chosen include visiting the cinema, Rof 59 trampoline centre and a Christmas shopping extravaganza at the Metro Centre with myself.

Just a quick reminder that’s it’s Parents Evening on Wednesday 2nd December. All welcome!

9D- Art

Year 9 pupils have been creating mono prints today. Aaron can be seen printing a townscape scene in this photo.

GCSE Art : available to collect

Just a quick message for our 2015 leavers. If you were in my art group you can collect your portfolio of GCSE art work from school. Please ring the school office to let me know that you wish to collect your work and to arrange a date for collection. 

GCSE art

Our year 10 art group have been exploring the use of pastels today. They have all chosen an animal as a starting point.


Ceramics : alphabet tiles

pupils have been making individual ceramic tiles with the alphabet on today. We will be making this into a mural as soon as it’s finished.


Ceramics : hand built pots

Pupils involved in the pottery enrichment activity have learnt how to make pinch pots and coil pots this term. Here are just a few of the finished pots that they have made.