About: Miss Fink

Miss Fink is a member of the middle leadership team. She coordinates ICT and Art & Design. In addition to this she also teaches Horticulture to Key Stage 4 pupils. She is the leader of the Elm house group. Miss Fink also runs an Art and Games club for lunch time extra curricular activities, as well as running the jewellery and nail bar activity on a Friday afternoon. She is a member of the after school fun club team.

Sunflower Art

Year 7 pupils are learning about Vincent Van Gogh’s sunflower paintings this week. Shona has drawn her own fantastic version of a sunflower. Excellent work Shona!

Year 7 art

Year pupils have been learning more about Van Goghs Starry Night painting. They have all produced a mixed media version of their own. These are just a small selection of the fabulous work that has been produced. 👍👍

9G Art

Pupils have been drawing their own self portraits today as part of their ‘identity’ art project.

Access to Office 365

Our pupils can now access Office 365 at school and at home. Quick access can be obtained through this website using the link in the right hand side of our web page. 


Pottery club

Pottery club has started after school tonight. We have made a selection of decorative pieces. 


Macmillan coffee morning..

is in full swing now! Fabulous cakes, drinks and tombola prizes.  







Green men

The pottery club have been creating their own version of a green man this afternoon. They have used terracotta clay so they can go straight out into their gardens after they have been fired in the kiln.


A productive term in pottery club

The kiln has been loaded up with the items that pottery club has been making this term. This includes house numbers, pinch pots and Toby jugs.


Some of our year 10 pupils have managed to complete their final response for their first art project today.


Work in progress…

Our year 10 GCSE art group have been busy today. They have started transferring their sketchbook ideas onto canvas.