About: Miss Fink

Miss Fink is a member of the middle leadership team. She coordinates ICT and Art & Design. In addition to this she also teaches Horticulture to Key Stage 4 pupils. She is the leader of the Elm house group. Miss Fink also runs an Art and Games club for lunch time extra curricular activities, as well as running the jewellery and nail bar activity on a Friday afternoon. She is a member of the after school fun club team.

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7f : Bird Art

Pupils in 7f have used oil pastels to create pictures of birds in their art lesson today. They are working towards making a sculpture of a bird.

7f animation

7f had a busy computing lesson today! They have started creating plasticine models of penguins which will be used to create a group based piece of animated film. We look forward to seeing Happy Feet- the sequel very soon! 👍😊

Y8 African mask project

8s pupils have been learning how to render wood effects on ligbi masks in their art lesson today.

Keep safe online

Anyone’s children get a new phone or tablet off Father Christmas? Well here’s some tips for how to keep their device safe.

Enterprise Fayre

It’s been a busy day at The Oaks today! All pupils and staff have been working hard on various enterprising projects throughout the day. All of which can be purchased at tomorrow’s fayre. Bird feeders, cakes, sweets, jewellery, Christmas decorations, Christmas Eve boxes, crackers, lanterns, Harry Potter goodies and decorated bags are all on sale at a range of affordable prices.

The fayre starts at 1.30 until 3pm. It’s only 50p entry fee with a free cuppa and mince pie.

Come to our Christmas Enterprise Fayre

Just a quick reminder that this is happening on Friday.

7B collage art

Year 7 pupils are learning about cubism this term. They have given Simon Cowell a face list today.

7F sunflower art

Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh

9G self portraits