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Mixed Up Faces!

Pupils in 7D have begun a new Art topic of Portraits. Today we had lots of fun making some mixed up faces – can you recognise anyone?!

Making cakes

Pupils in 7D have enjoyed  Food Technology this half term. We have made a variety of scones, and have now moved on to making small cakes. We started by using a wooden spoon to mix, then moved on to an electric mixer. We all agreed that the mixer was much easier!

Daily Living Skills

This morning, 11D pupils have been learning how to clean microwaves. We collected some microwaves from different classrooms, and returned them when they were sparkling clean. Some microwaves needed more cleaning than others (not wanting to name and shame, Mr Lock…!)

Frodo the Rabbit

We have a visitor in our classroom at the moment! Frodo the rabbit from 6th form is helping us with one of our ASDAN challenges. We are all helping to look after him by giving him fresh food and water each day, and cleaning out his hutch. Most of us love brushing his fur, and even the pupils that were unsure are becoming much braver around him. We will really miss him when he goes back to 6th Form!


Pupils in 10L and 11D are working on their athletics skills in PE this term. This week we have been testing our running skills in the Cooper Run. We had to see how many laps we could do in 1 minute. We all tried our best, and we all supported and encouraged each other.

Daily Living Skills

Some pupils in Year 11 have been learning some daily living skills this morning. We took turns to sort laundry into darks and lights, hang clothes on a clothes horse and then try out our ironing skills. Some of us then tried to peg clothes onto a washing line, which was a much harder skill! Everyone tried very hard, and celebrated their success by making a cup of tea!


Pupils in 10L and 11D are enjoying the PE topic of Gymnastics this term. We have spent some time perfecting our pike, tucked and dish holds on the floor, and are now progressing to doing these on a bench. It is much harder when you have a smaller area on which to balance, but everyone is willing to give it a go!

Celebration Evening

A huge thank you to our leavers from July 2017 who came back into school, on Monday to receive their exam certificates and their coursework.  We also had some ‘Student of the Year awards’  for those students who have made huge improvements over the past year.  Each teacher nominated someone from either their class or their curriculum area for an award.  These ranged from improved behaviour to students who had made great academic progress over the past year.  It was a great evening and it was lovely to see so many of our alumni who have progressed onto further education and are continuing to do well at college.  Well done everyone.

Thank you assembly

Today we had a special visitor in our assembly. CSI Kevin Askew, who many pupils met during our STEM week activities, came in to hand out some certificates, and was presented with a gift to say thank you for all of his help with these activities.

Table top cricket

Every Tuesday morning pupils in 11D have a ‘transition visit’ to 6th form, where they enjoy a game of table-top cricket with some members of 6th form. We have played this game for a number of years now, and we can see a huge improvement in every pupil’s concentration, skill level and technique. Today, though, it was the girls who really shone. Well done girls, and better luck next week, boys!