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Up-Cycling Latest

This afternoon, we have been preparing for the Summer Fair in July.

We have been making Garden Tealight Holder to sell on our Up-Cycling stall.

We are covering our tealight holders in pretty flowers, before varnishing them to make them weatherproof, and putting a citronella candle in each one.

We managed to make and stick flowers on half of our jars today. We will do the other half of the jars next week, and then varnish them after half term.

We think they will look great once they are finished.

We hope you all come to the Summer fair and buy one!!!

Using our ‘Big-Shot’ to make our flowers.

The ‘Big-Shot’ works by pressing flowers shaped cutters into the paper.

The flowers come out attached to the cutters.

We then have to push the paper flowers out of the cutter.

Some of the tissue paper flowers we made.

Sticking our flowers onto our jars.

It’s a very skill-full job!!!

Full concentration needed!!!

Well done team!!!

Not finished yet – but we think these will be looking fantastic one they are done!!!

Locomotion Garden

The Year 10 Vocational Studies group were at the Locomotion Museum in Shildon, working in the garden this afternoon.

It was our third visit of the term, and although things still need time to grow, the flower beds are starting to look good.

We were working on four of the flower beds today. We removed some Spring bulbs from one of the flower beds which we are making into a Hosta bed. We did some weeding to the rockery garden, before planting some new plants. We weeded another flower bed, before planting some Lupins, and we dug one of the other flower beds over which we removed old plants from during our last visit.

The flowerbed are just starting to show the first signs of bloom. They will flourish in the next couple of months, as things grow and become a blaze of colour.

If you are visiting the Locomotion Museum over the summer months – please take a minute to enjoy the results of our hard work!!

Digging over the old herb garden. The plants had become overgrown, so we removed them, and prepared the soil to become a flower bed with a different theme.

Removing Spring bulbs, from our new Hosta flower bed.

Nearly there – not much more weeding to do!!

That’s it – we can start planting now!!

The Hosta flower bed. We’ll add some summer bedding plants on our next visit – but the bed just needs time to mature now.

The rocky is planted up for the summer. it should become very colourful in the coming months!

The ‘Wild’ flower bed just looks after itself. We weeded in during our last visit – so now just need to give it time to come into bloom.

The old herb flower bed – ready to be given a new theme.

The Lupins plants today, will give a blade of colour in a couple of months time!

The Lavender flower bed is flourishing, and will give a beautiful colour and fragrance over the summer!

Up-Cycling Latest

We had another busy afternoon in the Up-Cycling group today.

We finally finished the ‘horse’ kitchen stools which we were making for a member of staff.

We needed to attach the legs back onto the stools, before presenting them to another of our happy customers!

Next week – we will be starting to make our garden tea-light holders, ready for the Summer Fair.

Attaching the legs back onto our ‘horse’ kitchen stools.

All done, and ready to present to the customer. And if you were wondering why one of the stools has strange shapes cut out of it . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . there is the answer!!!!

Job well done!!! A happy team – and a very happy customer!!

Making a Hindu Shrine

8W are learning about the religion of Hinduism in Religious Education, this term.

Today, we were learning about worship in the Mandir (temple).

We also learned that many Hindus have a shrine in their home. We decided to make a Hindu shrine in our classroom. We all placed images of Hindu gods on a table we had covered in a nice cloth. We then put some water, fruit and flowers on the table, as Hindu’s would do this to make offerings to their gods.

We lit some candles and incense sticks. The room smelt lovely. We put some Hindu puja (worship) music on, and thought about how it might feel to be part of a Hindu family with a shrine at home.

Up-Cycling Latest

We had another busy afternoon in the Up-Cycling group today.

Our rocking chair is finally complete and ready for delivery. We had to try three different types of paint on it before we were finally happy with the colour and quality of the finish. We think it looks great though – and is nicely finished off by the cushion a member of staff kindly made for us to fit the chair.  The fabric of the cushion was chosen by the new owner of the chair.

We started to paper our ‘Space Drawers’. It has taken several mixes of paint to colour match the paint for the edges of the drawers to the wallpaper. We are happy with the match now though – so hopefully, the drawers should be complete and ready for sale by half term.

We also started to decoupage one of the kitchen stools we have been asked to give a horse theme, by a member of staff. There was a lot of careful cutting to do, to get the edges of the stool the way we wanted it to look. We think it will look great once its dried and varnished though!

The rocking chair, before we started work on it.

The rocking chair today – with its new ‘made to fit’ cushion.

Preparing the side of the drawers for the first piece of ‘Space’ wallpaper.

‘Space’ wallpaper on. We think these drawers will look ‘out of this world’, when they are finished!!

Decoupaging the edge of the kitchen stool top is a very fiddly process!

The first horse picture on the stool top.

Nearly complete. A final coat of PVA glue to bind all the pictures together.

As the glue starts to dry – the horse images begin to stand out. They will look very vibrant by the time they are varnished next week!

Gardening at Locomotion

The Year 10 Vocational Studies class started their visits to look after the garden at the Locomotion museum in Shildon today.

Each year, the option class visit the museum during the summer term, to complete some voluntary work as part of their course.

The garden has seven raised flower beds – each with a different theme. The flower beds were looking very tired, after the harsh winter months. Spring is clearly on its way though, as there were lots of weeds in each of the flower beds.

We tackled three of the beds today – which are now looking much smarter, and ready for a few extra plants.

Lavender bed – done!!

Rockery – done!!

Hosta bed (once the spring bulbs have gone!) – done!!

Up-Cycling Latest

Meet the new Up-Cycling team for this term. Its nice to see some familiar faces who like to up-cycle every term, and some new ones who want to try it out for the first time.

We have a lot planned for the term. We have a couple of projects from last term to finish off. Our rocking chair is just about finished and just needs a final coat of varnish, and we are still working on our ‘Horsey’ kitchen stools.

Today was all about a new project though – a ‘Beano’ childs desk and chair. We took the chair and desk apart ready for it to be covered in cut out pictures from Beano comics.

We then started the slow process of cutting individual frames from the comics. There will be a lot of work in cutting enough frames accurately for the desk and chair – but getting the preparation right now, will make for a good quality finish when the project is complete!

The Up-Cycling team for this term!!

Our new project – a child’s desk and chair which we are going to give a ‘Beano’ theme.

Starting to take the chair apart. Lets hope we remember how to put it back together again!!

It’s a team effort to take the desk apart.

The desk and chair are looking very different!! We are ready to start thinking about Beano pictures now!!

There is a lot of accuracy needed when cutting the comics up into small pictures!!

That’s it – only another 600 pictures to cut!!!

Spennymoor Police Station

The Year 10 ASDAN group sent the afternoon at Spennymoor Police Station.

We were learning about the role of the police in the local community.

When we arrived at the station, we were taken straight to the Custody Desk, and taught about how the police gather evidence to link someone who has been arrested, to the scene of a crime.

We all gave our finger- prints, and learnt that the police often take footprints as well.

We were taken into the cells, and shown a typical meal that someone in the cells would be offered!

We also got to have a look at one of the Police Interceptor cars.

We had a great afternoon, and learnt a lot about the role of the police in the community.

Our teacher then invited the Police to school to see the presentations about the role of the police in the community that we are going to produce in the next few lessons.

No pressure there then!! Thanks Sir!

Arriving at the Police Station.

We were quickly taken down to the cells.

We  were ‘booked in’ at the Custody Desk!

. . . . and all had our finger prints taken.

We were shown how the police take prints from shoes as well.

Next we had our photos taken – ‘just for the record!!’

That’s it – Throw the key away quick!!!

Phew – we got an early release!!

The food didn’t look too good. Even the police said they wouldn’t want to eat it!!!

Checking out the Police Interceptor cars!!

Now back to school – full of new knowledge to help with our presentations!

Up-Cycling Latest

We had another busy afternoon in the Up-Cycling group.

We finished our Space Desk today. It has height adjustable legs and has been glazed in three coats of clear waterproof varnish – making it the perfect desk or work table to a bedroom. We think it is out of this world!!

Our Space Table is available to be sold. We will put further details of the table and its price on our selling page.

We also started work on our two kitchen stools – one of which is designed to hold a bottle of wine and two glasses. This project has been commissioned by a member of staff, who would like us to give the two stools a ‘horsey’ theme!!  Ride on Cowboy!!

Attaching the height adjustable legs.

One ‘Space Desk’ – all complete and looking out of this world!!

Next project – a kitchen stool and ‘wine’ stool. We are going to give these a ‘horsey’ theme.

Taking the stools apart. The legs will be painted grey, and the stool tops with be decoupaged with horse pictures.

Putting the brackets on the underneath of the table, ready for the legs to go back on.

School Litter Pick

A number of classes took part in the school Litter Pick today.

We picked up loose litter from around the grounds of the school, and sorted into ‘recyclable’ and ‘non-recyclable’ litter.

8W’s task was to pick up any litter we found in Yard A.

There wasn’t a lot of litter to pick up, as the school is kept clean, and students usually put any rubbish in the bins.

It was very windy this morning though – so some litter had blown around the yard.

We all worked as a team, with different students looking for different kinds of litter.

By the end of the lesson, Yard A was spotless – although we were all very cold!!!

First find of the session!!

The wind made it hard to put the rubbish we picked up in the plastic bags!!