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Up-cycling Latest

We finished our multi-coloured IKEA table this afternoon.

The top has been given three coats of acrylic lacquer to ensure it is fully waterproof.

We just had the job of attaching the legs today – nice and easy.

We think it looks really great. What do you think?


The top has been lacquered to make sure it is fully protected.


Attaching the legs.



Our finished table. We are very pleased with how it looks!!

Up-Cycling Latest

We have been busy working on two IKEA coffee tables in the Friday afternoon Up-Cycling group.

The first table is being decoupaged in DC comics. We spent a few weeks carefully cutting out images from the comics, and are now sticking them to the table. We still have the legs of the table to complete, and have a few special pictures of Superman to add to the table top. We think it will look fit for a super-hero once it is complete though.

The second table is being covered in multi-coloured squares. Lots of people who have seen the table being created today, have said that it reminds them of Elmer the Elephant. We think it will look fantastic in either a child’s bedroom, or a Man-Den though!

Carefully applying the glue – ready for the DC Comic images.


The DC table top.


Taking out time – to line up the corners of our coloured squares.


Making good progress – and starting to see how the table top will look when finished.


Table top completed. We just need to varnish it once it is dry – and then attach the table legs.

The Flying Scotsman at Locomotion

The Year 10 Vocational Studies group were invited to the Locomotion museum in Shildon today, so that staff there could thank our students for all their hard work in the museum garden this year.

Students were presented with a personalised letter thanking them for their work. The letters are valuable to students as they will be able to show them when they apply for college places and jobs in the future.

The group was then given a personal tour of The Flying Scotsman, which arrived at the museum on Wednesday night and will be there for the next three weeks. Students were taken onto the ‘footplate’ of the train, so they could see where and how the crew drive the train.

The group were then set the ‘Track Building Challenge’, where they were divided into two teams, and raced to see which team could build an authentic mini track the quickest.

We all had a great afternoon. The Flying Scotsman was very special to see, and we loved the challenge of building the rail tracks.

The Flying Scotsman at the Locomotion Museum in Shildon.

Receiving our letters thanking us for our hard work in the museum garden.

On the ‘footplate’ of The Flying Scotsman.

Taking his place in the drivers seat!!

The start of our ‘Tack Building Challenge’.

There are more parts involved in building and stabilising a train tack than you might realise!!

It was a very close finish in the race.

Testing the track to make sure it works correctly.

We joined our tracks together – making us all winners in the challenge!!!

Oriental Museum

10L spent the day at the Oriental Museum in Durham.

We went to learn about and experience Chinese culture, as part of our ASDAN course.

When we arrived, we were greeted by a huge Chinese Dragon suspended from the ceiling. It was very impressive, and set the scene for the rest of the day.

We learnt about the Terracotta Warriors, an army of over 8,000 soldiers made from clay, to protect one of the ancient Emperors in the afterlife. We were then given the challenge of making two terracotta warriors from clay ourselves. We split into two teams and made a different part of the warriors each – before joining the different parts together to make our two models.

After lunch, we explored some artifacts  – which included clothing worn by one of the Chinese emperors and his family.

We then learned about the importance of the dragon in Chinese culture. We were taught how to make a Chinese dragon ‘come alive, and worked as a team to make the dragon dance around the museum.

We had a fantastic day. We learned so much and had great fun. We’d all like to go back to the museum again to learn more.

The first thing we saw at the museum was a huge Chinese Dragon.

Exploring a model of a Terracotta Warrior.

Listening to advice on how to make our own Terracotta Warriors.

Starting work on the feet and legs.

Feet and legs done. What’s next?

Starting to make a warriors head.

The body of one of our Terracotta Warriors nearly complete.

Out two Terracotta Warriors.

A great well effort. Well done everyone!!

Exploring some of the Chinese artefacts.

Being introduced to a Chinese Dragon.

Making the dragon dance around the museum.

The Chinese Dragon team. Didn’t we do well!!

Locomotion Museum Garden

The year 10 Vocational Studies group were back at the Locomotion Museum garden this afternoon.

The recent combination of warm weather and rain has helped the plants grow and start to flower.  Unfortunately,  it has also helped the weeds to grow – so we had to spend some time weeding the raised flowerbeds again. We also spent time picking the weeds from the gravel around the flowerbeds.

There were a few spaces in the flowerbeds, so we planted the last of our new plants for the season. This included planting twenty nasturtium seedlings – which should be blooming with sways of red flowers by the time we next visit the garden in July.

Staff at the museum tell us that they get lots of comments from visitors to the museum about the flowerbeds.

Well done team – all your hard work is clearly appreciated by the local community!!

Planting the last few new plants for the season.

Planting some Cosmos plants. These will be bursting with colour in a few weeks time!

Weeding the gravel around the flowerbeds.

Giving the Lavender flowerbed a thorough watering!

The Wild Flower bed is starting to bust into bloom.

Some of the rockery plants starting to come into flower

The lavender plants are just beginning to show their first hint of colour.

Some of the ‘Pinks’, that we added to the rockery today.

The Hostas we planted during our last visit, seem to be establishing themselves nicely.

Up-Cycling Latest

This afternoon, we have been preparing for the Summer Fair in July.

We have been making Garden Tealight Holder to sell on our Up-Cycling stall.

We are covering our tealight holders in pretty flowers, before varnishing them to make them weatherproof, and putting a citronella candle in each one.

We managed to make and stick flowers on half of our jars today. We will do the other half of the jars next week, and then varnish them after half term.

We think they will look great once they are finished.

We hope you all come to the Summer fair and buy one!!!

Using our ‘Big-Shot’ to make our flowers.

The ‘Big-Shot’ works by pressing flowers shaped cutters into the paper.

The flowers come out attached to the cutters.

We then have to push the paper flowers out of the cutter.

Some of the tissue paper flowers we made.

Sticking our flowers onto our jars.

It’s a very skill-full job!!!

Full concentration needed!!!

Well done team!!!

Not finished yet – but we think these will be looking fantastic one they are done!!!

Locomotion Garden

The Year 10 Vocational Studies group were at the Locomotion Museum in Shildon, working in the garden this afternoon.

It was our third visit of the term, and although things still need time to grow, the flower beds are starting to look good.

We were working on four of the flower beds today. We removed some Spring bulbs from one of the flower beds which we are making into a Hosta bed. We did some weeding to the rockery garden, before planting some new plants. We weeded another flower bed, before planting some Lupins, and we dug one of the other flower beds over which we removed old plants from during our last visit.

The flowerbed are just starting to show the first signs of bloom. They will flourish in the next couple of months, as things grow and become a blaze of colour.

If you are visiting the Locomotion Museum over the summer months – please take a minute to enjoy the results of our hard work!!

Digging over the old herb garden. The plants had become overgrown, so we removed them, and prepared the soil to become a flower bed with a different theme.

Removing Spring bulbs, from our new Hosta flower bed.

Nearly there – not much more weeding to do!!

That’s it – we can start planting now!!

The Hosta flower bed. We’ll add some summer bedding plants on our next visit – but the bed just needs time to mature now.

The rocky is planted up for the summer. it should become very colourful in the coming months!

The ‘Wild’ flower bed just looks after itself. We weeded in during our last visit – so now just need to give it time to come into bloom.

The old herb flower bed – ready to be given a new theme.

The Lupins plants today, will give a blade of colour in a couple of months time!

The Lavender flower bed is flourishing, and will give a beautiful colour and fragrance over the summer!

Up-Cycling Latest

We had another busy afternoon in the Up-Cycling group today.

We finally finished the ‘horse’ kitchen stools which we were making for a member of staff.

We needed to attach the legs back onto the stools, before presenting them to another of our happy customers!

Next week – we will be starting to make our garden tea-light holders, ready for the Summer Fair.

Attaching the legs back onto our ‘horse’ kitchen stools.

All done, and ready to present to the customer. And if you were wondering why one of the stools has strange shapes cut out of it . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . there is the answer!!!!

Job well done!!! A happy team – and a very happy customer!!

Making a Hindu Shrine

8W are learning about the religion of Hinduism in Religious Education, this term.

Today, we were learning about worship in the Mandir (temple).

We also learned that many Hindus have a shrine in their home. We decided to make a Hindu shrine in our classroom. We all placed images of Hindu gods on a table we had covered in a nice cloth. We then put some water, fruit and flowers on the table, as Hindu’s would do this to make offerings to their gods.

We lit some candles and incense sticks. The room smelt lovely. We put some Hindu puja (worship) music on, and thought about how it might feel to be part of a Hindu family with a shrine at home.

Up-Cycling Latest

We had another busy afternoon in the Up-Cycling group today.

Our rocking chair is finally complete and ready for delivery. We had to try three different types of paint on it before we were finally happy with the colour and quality of the finish. We think it looks great though – and is nicely finished off by the cushion a member of staff kindly made for us to fit the chair.  The fabric of the cushion was chosen by the new owner of the chair.

We started to paper our ‘Space Drawers’. It has taken several mixes of paint to colour match the paint for the edges of the drawers to the wallpaper. We are happy with the match now though – so hopefully, the drawers should be complete and ready for sale by half term.

We also started to decoupage one of the kitchen stools we have been asked to give a horse theme, by a member of staff. There was a lot of careful cutting to do, to get the edges of the stool the way we wanted it to look. We think it will look great once its dried and varnished though!

The rocking chair, before we started work on it.

The rocking chair today – with its new ‘made to fit’ cushion.

Preparing the side of the drawers for the first piece of ‘Space’ wallpaper.

‘Space’ wallpaper on. We think these drawers will look ‘out of this world’, when they are finished!!

Decoupaging the edge of the kitchen stool top is a very fiddly process!

The first horse picture on the stool top.

Nearly complete. A final coat of PVA glue to bind all the pictures together.

As the glue starts to dry – the horse images begin to stand out. They will look very vibrant by the time they are varnished next week!