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Textiles minibeasts

This afternoon pupils in 7D have been making felt minibeasts, after several weeks researching and designing them. It was a bit tricky, sewing them together, but we hope you agree that they look fantastic. Good effort, 7D!


Sensory Story

Some pupils in 7D have enjoyed listening to a sensory version of Aladdin in the interactive room this morning.

Litter picking

In our PSHE lessons this term, pupils in 7D have been learning about how we can look after the environment. We decided to take a look around our school environment, and went out armed with gloves, litter pickers and bin bags. We were impressed to find that there wasn’t very much rubbish lying around! Everyone worked really well, and we saw some fabulous teamwork from some pupils. Well done, 7D.







Medieval Food!

Pupils in 7D have been finding out what life was like for Medieval peasants. We have learned that they could only eat what they grew, so we had a go at making some Medieval pottage. We all enjoyed peeling and chopping lots of different vegetables and herbs, and most of us were willing to try it. it was actually surprisingly delicious, and we agreed that it would be very welcome after a hard day working in the fields!