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Fruit kebabs

This afternoon we made fruit kebabs in Food Technology. All pupils were again extremely sensible when working with sharps knives, and we think these kebabs look amazing! Well done, 7D – you always try so hard.

Table cricket

It was a little chilly this afternoon, so we stayed inside to play table cricket for a change. It was good to remember the rules, and to practice our skills, but hopefully next week the sun will be shining and we can play Kwik Cricket outside again.

Lotus Flowers

As part of our topic on Buddhism, pupils in 7D have been learning about the significance of the lotus flower. These beautiful flowers grow from the muddiest water, and are an important symbol for Buddhist people. We tried our hand at origami to make these fantastic paper lotus flowers, and think they look great!

Fruit Salad

This term in 7D our Technology focus is Food Tech once again. This time we are investigating different ways of preparing fruit and vegetables. We started out by making a simple fruit salad, and everyone was extremely sensible when using sharp knives. We hope you enjoy it!

Sewing machine skills

This afternoon pupils in 7D had the opportunity to experiment with some different speeds and styles of stitching using a sewing machine, as well as using the foot pedal. With a little practice everyone became more confident when using the sewing machine, and were very proud of the work they produced. Well done, 7D!




This afternoon the fabulous 7D have enjoyed making cells using sweets! We used strawberry laces to represent the cell membrane, a strawberry mushroom to be the nucleus, jelly tots as mitochondrion and rainbow drops as the ribosomes. We topped it off with some jelly to represent the cytoplasm. We had great fun!


Japanese Windsocks

This afternoon we have all tried using the sewing machine to sew our windsocks together. We all worked well and followed instructions. They are nearly finished now, and we can’t wait to bring them home!


In 7D this afternoon we have begun learning about cells. We found out that every living thing is made from cells, and that all cells have a nucleus, cytoplasm and a cell membrane, as well as lots of other parts. This is very complicated, so we will do lots more work on this topic over this half term. We then enjoyed making models of cells, and think they look great!


Pupils in 7D have enjoyed a session of Kwik Cricket this afternoon with Ollie. First they worked on some throwing, catching and running skills before moving on to playing a game. Everyone had a turn at batting and running, and some pupils were very enthusiastic when fielding! Well done, 7D.


This morning 7D enjoyed a visit from Zoolab. We had the chance to stroke a giant snail, a hissing cockroach, a snake and a very cute hedgehog!