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This afternoon in 10D we completed our topic ‘Bread’ by making our own bagels. We all enjoy a breakfast bagel in the classroom on a morning, so thought we’d see what home-made bagels were like.

The dough looked and felt the same as the other bread products we have made, but we all thought it was quite unusual to boil them before we baked them in the oven.

They looked and smelled delicious once they were cooked – we hope they taste good too!


Pizza! 🍕

This afternoon in 10D we continued our work on bread. This week we decided to make pizzas. We made our own dough, rolled it out, then chose our favourite toppings. They looked and smelled delicious – we hope you enjoyed them!

Mini-Enterprise Project

As part of their Transition Challenge award, some pupils in year 10 have been planning a mini enterprise project this term. They worked as a team to share and discuss ideas, before deciding to make cinder toffee fudge to sell to staff. This afternoon they helped to package and label the fudge, before delivering it to staff who had placed orders. Next week we will work out what profit we made!

The Great 10D Bake Off!

This afternoon pupils in 10D have turned their hands to baking bread rolls. They discovered that it’s not as easy as it looks – the kneading made everyone’s arms ache!! Everyone was amazed to see how much the dough had risen once the proving time was up. All pupils listened well and followed instructions – they all deserve the star baker award!

Pupils are bringing their bread rolls home tonight – we hope you enjoy them.

Reading Time

Pupils in 9D are enjoying being able to read real books again during their daily Accelerated Reading Time!


Vegetarian diets

This afternoon in Food Technology 9D have been thinking about vegetarian diets. We worked together to make a Spanish omelette, with potatoes, peppers, onions, tomatoes, eggs and cheese. We all agreed it was delicious! Some pupils even asked for the recipe, so they could try and make it at home. We will send this home tomorrow – happy cooking, everyone!

Special Diets

This term in Food Technology, 9D are finding out about the special diets that some people follow, either for health, religious or moral reasons. This week we found out about gluten free and dairy free diets, and how those foods could make some people ill. We made some gluten and dairy free scones, and it seems they were a success!


CVC words

Pupils in 9D have had a fantastic first full week back. I was particularly impressed with their spelling skills, as they all listened carefully for the sounds they could hear in different CVC words. Well done, 9D – keep it up!

Keeping busy in lockdown

Pupils in 9D are keeping very busy during lockdown, both in school and out. Whether they are completing work packs at home, working through Seesaw tasks online, working in school or helping with jobs at home, we have lots of superstars!

Keep up the fantastic work – we are missing you all and can’t wait to see you all again as soon as we are able.




Christmas Fun

We have had so much fun in 9D this week! We couldn’t go out on trips or have our usual Christmas disco, but we worked together to plan a fabulous party day. We had dancing, party games, Christmas baking, a Santa piñata, pizzas and reindeer hoopla! We don’t know who enjoyed it more – staff or pupils!  We do know that our pupils deserved to have an amazing day, though, as they have all been hard-working super stars this term. Well done, 9D – enjoy your Christmas break, and we’ll see you in the New Year!