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Pupils in 8D enjoy their Tuesday morning sessions at South Durham gymnastics!

Tudor Houses

In History this term we are learning about The Tudors. Today we began looking at Tudor houses, and started making collage houses showing wooden beams.

Tudor Roses

This term in 8D our History topic is The Tudors. We have found out about the War of the Roses, and how this ended when Henry Tudor became king. Today we looked at the Tudor Rose, which was created by merging the York white rose with the Lancaster red rose, and made some of our own.

Adventure Valley

Some pupils have enjoyed a reward trip to Adventure Valley today. We all had loads of fun, and the pupils were a credit to the school  – well done, everyone!


Pupils in 7D have finished their last History topic of the year by making these fabulous castles. They are all excited to bring them home  – we hope you enjoy them!

Pasta salad

This afternoon we made pasta salad. We are all becoming much more confident when chopping vegetables, and are enjoying learning how to prepare different vegetables.

Making a healthy salad

This afternoon pupils in 7D have designed and made a delicious salad. Everyone chose the ingredients they wanted to use, then helped to prepare the vegetables before assembling their salads.



Fruit Smoothies

This afternoon we have completed our work on fruit by making fruit smoothies. We hope they arrive safely home without spilling! Next week we will begin looking at ways to prepare different vegetables, and will start by making a salad.

Fruit kebabs

This afternoon we made fruit kebabs in Food Technology. All pupils were again extremely sensible when working with sharps knives, and we think these kebabs look amazing! Well done, 7D – you always try so hard.

Table cricket

It was a little chilly this afternoon, so we stayed inside to play table cricket for a change. It was good to remember the rules, and to practice our skills, but hopefully next week the sun will be shining and we can play Kwik Cricket outside again.