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In 7D this afternoon we have begun learning about cells. We found out that every living thing is made from cells, and that all cells have a nucleus, cytoplasm and a cell membrane, as well as lots of other parts. This is very complicated, so we will do lots more work on this topic over this half term. We then enjoyed making models of cells, and think they look great!


Pupils in 7D have enjoyed a session of Kwik Cricket this afternoon with Ollie. First they worked on some throwing, catching and running skills before moving on to playing a game. Everyone had a turn at batting and running, and some pupils were very enthusiastic when fielding! Well done, 7D.


This morning 7D enjoyed a visit from Zoolab. We had the chance to stroke a giant snail, a hissing cockroach, a snake and a very cute hedgehog!


More Zoolab!

Pupils in 11L enjoyed their Zoolab experience this morning!

Personal Hygiene

We have recently been talking about Personal Hygiene in our PSHE lessons, and we decided to end the term by demonstrating our skills. We all took part in a hand washing session, paying particular attention to cleaning our nails!

Japanese Windsock

As part of our Textiles topic on Japanese Windsocks, pupils in 7D have made a paper model of a windsock prior to making the fabric windsocks. This afternoon we have enjoyed flying our paper windsocks in the breeze.



On Tuesday afternoon, pupils in 7D enjoyed a cricket session with Ollie. Everyone worked very hard on their overarm and underarm throwing, then used their throwing skills to try and hit the wickets.

We all tried very hard, and can’t wait to develop our skills in future weeks!

Internal Organs!

This afternoon in 7D we have been finding out about our organs. We discovered what they all do inside our bodies, then looked at how they fit inside us. We drew round some pupils to make a human outline, then worked in small groups to try and put the organs in the correct position. We had lots of fun, and there was some brilliant team work.


Skeleton structures

This afternoon pupils in 7D have been exploring the strength of our skeletons by trying to build a structure strong enough to hold up a tennis ball, using only 10 sheets of paper and sellotape. This wasn’t as easy as it sounds, but pupils had some fabulous ideas and we saw some great examples of teamwork.

Pancake Day

This afternoon pupils in 7D have been learning why people used to make pancakes before Lent began. We then tried our hand at making some, although no one was brave enough to try and toss their pancake!