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Remembrance Day

In 9D our English topic this term is War Poetry. Today we read ‘In Flanders Field’, and considered what it means. We talked about how the poem made us feel, before creating some poppies to take home.

8D zoom meetings

Pupils and staff in 8D are enjoying catching up with one another in their Zoom meetings. This morning we had fun with a scavenger hunt! We hope that more of our class will join us for our next session, as it is so lovely to see you all.

Fabric pens

Pupils in 8D have finalised their Chinese New Year T-shirt designs, and today they experienced drawing their designs onto miniature T-shirts using fabric pens. Some pupils used a light box to trace their designs, whilst others drew their designs free hand. All pupils were very proud of their finished products, and are looking forward to creating their final product.

Chinese New Year

This afternoon pupils in 8D have enjoyed some activities about Chinese New Year. We tried to write our names in Chinese calligraphy, made Chinese lanterns, then sampled some Chinese food – with chopsticks!

This term in 8D we are lucky to have a weekly Tin Arts session with Maria. We are working on a short dance routine, and will hopefully perform it to a small audience at the end of the term.

6th Form Enterprise

Now that Christmas is well and truly over, 6th Form pupils have begun looking to the future in their Enterprise lessons, and thinking about new products to make and sell. They decided to focus on Valentine’s Day, and have already started to package some Valentine’s themed popcorn to sell around school towards the end of this half term. We saw some fabulous enterprising skills from these pupils today, including teamwork and enthusiasm. Well done, 6th Form!

Choice boards

Pupils in 8D have loved designing their choice boards as their Technology project this term, and today we were able to visit the Technology room to watch the laser machine cut out our boards. We all had the chance to see our designs on the laptop, then press the button to start the machine. We were all very sensible, and enjoyed seeing our boards take shape. We would like to say a big thank you to Mr Wood and Mr Skerrett for their time and help!


Halloween fun!

Pupils in 8D have enjoyed a fun afternoon carving pumpkins and bobbing for apples!

I hope you all have a fantastic, relaxing week off after all your hard work this term.


Pupils in 8D enjoy their Tuesday morning sessions at South Durham gymnastics!

Tudor Houses

In History this term we are learning about The Tudors. Today we began looking at Tudor houses, and started making collage houses showing wooden beams.