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Anti-bullying awareness week

After learning about Anti-bullying in our Rights Respecting Schools lessons, students and staff decided to help raise awareness within school by wearing odd socks for the national anti-bullying week.  This leads into the work that our Student Council are currently involved in, which is reviewing and developing how the school supports such an important subject as anti-bullying.  Well done to all who joined in to help raise awareness this week!

Y7 Walking Group


The Y7 Walking Group, during enrichment activities on a Friday afternoon, have been exploring the local area around The Oaks.  Whilst developing their individual fitness levels they have also been working upon their teamwork skills and supporting each other.  They take it in turns to lead the group, setting the pace by “walking at the pace of the slowest” and sticking together.   Whilst on the walks we have been learning about the environment, wildlife, the weather, walking skills and how to be safe.

Eco Schools projects


Over the last few weeks leading up to the COP26 in Glasgow, our students have been learning about climate change, what it means to them and what they can do to help prevent it.  I observed some great projects from saving the bees to reducing the amount of water when washing our hands and brushing our teeth.  I know many classes that are very passionate and are working really hard to ensure that the recycling bins in their classrooms are used correctly and have been designing reminder posters of what should and shouldn’t be put into them.  I’m sure you will agree that raising awareness of such an important global issue whilst having fun doing it has reaped wonderful results. Well done all!

Putting directions into practice….

8F applying their learning into a practical scenario.  Face masks doubled as amazing blindfolds for the pupils to take turns in directing their partners around a course of coned gates to an end cone.  They really had to work hard to recall the correct terminology allowing them to turn in the correct direction and by the correct amount.  We had great fun at the same time as embedding some directional learning (as well as how to give accurate instructions) through trial and error…. well many errors, but that is how we learn!

Investing in Children Award

Fantastic work by pupils and staff at The Oaks for gaining the ‘Investing in Children’ award this year.  Proudly displayed here by our Head Girl and Boy, Selina and Keiran.   Another great achievement demonstrating the ethos of the school, despite the difficult circumstances for all this year, by recognising how much we really do support and ‘invest’ in our pupils.