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Shakespeare For Schools

The cast of The Merchant Of Venice had a great workshop yesterday at The Gala Theatre Durham.  They worked collaboratively with another school and also performed a small section of the their play.  I was proud of all their hard work and their behaviour.

Enterprise Day Red Onion and Apricot Chutney

Six pupils chose to make chutney – in bulk! We chopped three bags of apricots and three bags of red onions as just part of our red onion and apricot chutney.  We will leave the rest of the ingredients a secret! Sixteen streaming eyes and three hours of chopping later the ingredients were bubbling away for over two hours and then poured into individual jars! They will be on sale tomorrow for £2 a jar! 


7H become journalists for a week!

7H have started their English lessons by becoming journalists and interviewing each other. Each pupil has been paired with someone they do not know well and they have asked questions, devised questions, recorded answers and presented their findings to the rest of the class. The presentations were lively and interesting and a good introduction to 7H. A good start to your year 7H in both English and as a tutor group! Here are some pupils in action!  


Shakespeare For Schools Workshop

Thirteen actors and actresses went to Middlesbrough Theatre this morning to take part with Northfield School in a drama workshop run by the Shakespeare company. The pupils took part in some drama games and exercises and both schools showed part of their plays with the other school watching and acting as supportive critics. The first two scenes of Hamlet were very well received by the other school and the Shakespeare For Schools staff.  The pupils saw the theatre they will be acting in three weeks today and became familiar with the space. It was lovely for Mrs Egan,  Mrs Ashcroft and I to see the pupils from both schools work together and hear so many positive comments about our pupils.

I asked some of our pupils what they enjoyed about it and they said working with other pupils, the atmosphere, being in the theatre, the acting and that it was exciting. Well done to all who attended today and worked so hard. Tickets will be on sale this week




Shakespeare for schools festival 2015

This week the fourteen pupils have been rehearsing hard all week for the latest Shakespeare production by talented actors at The Oaks. This year’s production is Hamlet and it will be performed at Middlesborough Theatre on October 19th at 7pm. The pupils have worked incredibly hard and worked as a team supporting each other. They have even learnt reams of lines – very impressive! I think they have enjoyed their acting this week and all should be congratulated upon their efforts. I have to say though Hamlet’s performance is spine tingling in my opinion! However they are all good!


Shakespeare for schools festival 2014

On Tuesday 21st October pupils of The Oaks Secondary School performed The Tempest as part of the 2014 Shakespeare For Schools Festival. Our school performed last after three other schools performed Shakespeare plays. All our students were stunning and they performed a brilliant play. They knew their lines, acted their part convincingly, worked effectively as a company and received much applause and many lovely comments for their performance. We’ll done to all involved! I was very proud of you all! Here are a couple of photos from the day where we had to perform a technical rehearsal, a dress rehearsal and the real thing! Thank you to the people who came to support us.



7M interviewers extraordinaire!

7M have been busy interviewing each other in their first English lessons at The Oaks. Each pupil has been partnered with a pupil they do not know very well. They have had to think of their own questions, record their answers and they will finally present their findings to the rest of the class.We will need to watch out for them as future budding interviewers. Move over Matt and Alex from the One Show!