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10R Halloween UV treasure hunt

Pupils had fun searching for glowing treasure in the active zone. Pupils used UV torches to find prizes.

10R baking spooky spider cakes

10R worked together to make spooky spider cakes. A good opportunity to develop our fine and gross motor skills; pouring, stirring ,mixing, spooning and decorating. Smelling and tasting was fun too!

10R sensory mark making and letter formation

Pupils chose which coloured sand they wanted – which gave us a chance to practise signing our colours. Pupils were encouraged to make marks with their fingers and with glo-sticks. We looked at our initial sounds and looked at the patterns glow in the UV light.

10R Autumnal Art work

10R enjoyed a visit to the sensory garden. We looked at how big our flowers and plants have grown over the Summer. We checked the vegetable plots and saw that some lovely big pumpkins had grown, as well as runner beans and courgettes.
Pupils picked a few petals, some herbs and leaves to explore. We smelled the lovely Lavender and Mint.


9R STEM week

Pupils in 9R had a lot of fun during STEM week. Pupils explored a range of sensory Science experiments; working together we made glowing gloop and fizzy potions.