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10N Xmas : Day 2

Friday was Christmas dinner day and we decided to have it as class in our room. Everyone chipped in with getting the table ready, washing and drying up.

After dinner 10N had requested a karaoke rave and we did our best to oblige, 10F came and joined some of the fun too.
Mr Chipchase took no convincing to take to the mic, in fact we struggled to get him to put it down.

Naturally no ‘rave’ would be complete without glow sticks. Miss Nixon reckons it’s the best £2.50 she’s ever spent!

10N Xmas : Day 1

10N participated in various challenges on day 1 of our Christmas celebrations.

The champion of the After Eight challenge was Leon, who managed to navigate his chocolate from forehead to mouth in an impressive 23.8 seconds.

we’re not entirely sure who won the Mars bar game…or what the purpose was but it was certainly entertaining!

After all the games everyone shared a well earned Dominoes , thank-you FOTOS for donating the money to buy our Christmas treat.

10N Xmas Jumper day

Along with preparing for the fayre we also embraced ‘Christmas jumper day’ and took part in the ‘skittle’ challenge. The game became quite addictive and even Miss Sugden had to have a go while passing by.
Haydn eventually  took the crown with an impressive 33.23 seconds to separate 40 skittles into colour groups.

10N Enterprise

10N have been busy the last 2 days preparing our enterprise. Everyone’s due a well deserved weekend off after baking, decorating, packaging and selling nearly 100 biscuits and a gingerbread house with enough structural set backs to feature on Grand Designs! We are so proud of how hard our students have worked!

10D art

Year 7 art

During the first half term year 7’s were working on their ‘create’ baseline art assessment. As you can see they produced some fantastic final pieces that demonstrate their creative abilities.

8S Paul Klee inspired artwork

8S have been learning about the artist Paul Klee and how to show their day  as a visual story. They’ve produced some very detailed final pieces using continuous line drawings throughout . YouTube seemed to feature quite a lot, can you spot the logo?

Friday enrichment

The year 10 litter picking group have been out in the local area for the last 3 weeks and have already made a noticeable difference.
We want to thank Durham County Council’s civic pride team who have provided the group with some swanky new equipment and high vis jackets.

We’ve had some great feedback while we’ve been out from several members of the public who have thanked the students for their work. We even spoke  to a gentleman who’s been litter picking for 19  years…we’ve got a while to go to match him!

GCSE Art…this weeks catch

‘Lorenzo’ the lobster joined us for this week’s   Observational drawing workshop. The group showed real concentration and patience to produce some fantastic drawings for their coursework.

GCSE art

The year 10 GCSE art spent the afternoon working on their observational drawing skills whilst trialling a variety of materials . We struggled with the scent at times but powered through to produce some lovely pieces . ‘Henry’ the haddock seemed to be everyone’s favourite model!