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Canopic jars

George and Katie have done a fantastic job at following instructions and being resourceful to create their own Egyptian canopic jars. I’m sure you’ll agree they’re worthy of a golden acorn!

Art Competition


Year 11 Enterprise group were challenged with creating their own cheesecakes during half term. They had spent the previous weeks researching recipes, creating shopping lists and searching for the best prices for their ingredients. I’ve just had the first of our attempts from Selina and  all I can say is wow and express how sad I am I can’t taste test them! Brilliant effort! can’t wait to see the rest…

9N tutor time

9N decided that we should have a themed tutor time this week to bring some cheer. We’ve got a lot of Harry Potter fans so everyone donned their best robes and joined the Harry Potter quiz. Points were awarded for best costume effort. The overall quiz winner being Robbie, followed closely by surprise Potter expert Mrs Roddam!

Bringing the Ancient Egyptians into 2021

9N have been continuing to learn about the ancient Egyptians but have also displayed some impressive computer and resilience skills. Everyone adapted to the challenge and followed instructions to replicate the colours and patterns of Tutankhamen.


Year 9 Friday afternoon outdoor activities group have been busy foraging around the school. As you can see they were very successful and found apples, blackberries and some rhubarb ( sixth form might have helped us with that one) . Next challenge, create some delicious recipes with our produce .


8N have been creating Pop Art portraits over the last few lessons, we hope you like them!


Healthy living Enrichment

Friday Enrichment,the students enjoyed making their own fruit kebabs as part of our healthy eating group,none of them made the journey home as they enjoyed them so much 

Great Engineers challenge 2019 Part 2

We had a fantastic day trying out different challenges at Shildon Railway Musuem . We won first, second and third prizes

Great Engineers challenge 2019 part 1