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7N Art

7N have been inspired by the work of Vincent Van Gogh and have been sketching sunflowers to develop their observational drawing skills. As you can see they did an excellent job.


FBM group goes back in time

The FBM group attended the second challenge day at Beamish earlier this week. The snow didn’t deter us from our mission to ask as many questions as possible about how developments in technology had changed the way people lived. We did start to get a bit cold but when we learnt that in the past children of 14 would be working down the mines for 12 hours a day we soon realised we could handle the snow!


FBM challenge day 2

The FBM group had a fantastic day at Bishop Auckland Collge working on their team building skills. We were being judged throughout the day and scored against other local schools. After a rocky start we soon gained confidence and left the day on a good spot on the leaderboard. 

GCSE art

The GCSE art group are currently working on an under the sea project. We’ve been focusing on drawing skills over the last half term and were joined by two models ‘ Ruby’ and ‘ Shelly’ . We experimented with different mark making techniques and had to work relatively quickly as our models outstayed their welcome when they began to smell!




Family group

Miss Nixon’s family group celebrated Halloween and invited Mr Potts family group to join us. We enjoyed making cookie teeth, becoming mummies and decorating pumpkins. 

Future Business Magnates 2017

Several students from year 8 attended the launch this week for the Future Business Magnates competition 2018. The group got to learn more about this year’s challenge and meet with our partner company ‘ South Durham Enterprise Agency’ . They did an excellent job at representing the school and were full of enthusiasm throughout the day. They seemed to particularly enjoy the freebies including food for the brain, free fruit! We were the only school to empty our fruit bowl. 

GCSE art trip

The year 10 GCSE art group visited the art gallery in Spennymoor Town hall to view the work of local artist Norman Cornish. We all enjoyed the very refreshing windy walk and collecting ideas for our own artwork.

Year 8 art: doorways

The year 8’s have been creating doorways this half term and turning their finished designs into clay pieces. Here are some of the finished creations, can you spot a well known doctor’s doorway?

GCSE Photography and Art and Design exhibition continued…