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8N have been creating Pop Art portraits over the last few lessons, we hope you like them!


Healthy living Enrichment

Friday Enrichment,the students enjoyed making their own fruit kebabs as part of our healthy eating group,none of them made the journey home as they enjoyed them so much 

Great Engineers challenge 2019 Part 2

We had a fantastic day trying out different challenges at Shildon Railway Musuem . We won first, second and third prizes

Great Engineers challenge 2019 part 1

Mekano challenge

8N have been involved in the ‘Mekano Challenge 2019′ over the past few weeks. We had to create six models either following instructions provided or creating our own. As we love a challenge in 8N we naturally had to come up with our own ideas. Some of our creations included robo dogs ,’granny scooters’ and even dragons!


A little delayed…more to follow

We arrived safe and sound late Monday night. We’ve had so much fun just haven’t had a minute to blog! More to follow…

7D stop motion animation

7D have been working on short stop animation films in their ICT lessons, you may recognise some familiar characters.

9W Egyptian art

9w have been exploring Egyptian art during the last half term and have been working as a group to create our own sarcophagus, complete with mummy. We sealed our mummy in his tomb and sent him on his way with items for the afterlife .

The next step to creating our aboriginal paintings was to mash up the things we had found to create natural paints. We discovered some things worked better than others and we found the odd creepy crawly had stowed away in our leaves! Then it was time to try creating our artwork, we told secret stories using symbols then swapped to see if we could figure each other’s out.


Muddy mayhem

7N are currently studying aboriginal art and have been learning about how paints were made out of natural found materials. We made the most of some sunny weather to go on the hunt for natural materials to be used for our artwork. Some of us were not fans of the mud!