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GCSE art

The year 10 GCSE art spent the afternoon working on their observational drawing skills whilst trialling a variety of materials . We struggled with the scent at times but powered through to produce some lovely pieces . ‘Henry’ the haddock seemed to be everyone’s favourite model!

Year 9 water fight

The year 9’s celebrated the end of the year with a water fight . We couldn’t ask for a better day for drying off after!

Enrichment: Movie props and SFX

The newly formed Movie props and special effects group got off to a good start today when they began working on a Jurassic park themed project.
This week we’ve been making dinosaur eggs, however it looks like some have already hatched …

Build a buddy club

We’ve successfully completed  some more buddies and I’m sure you’ll agree they’ve turned out great.

Miss Powley and Miss Nixon are so proud of how hard the group have been working at learning new skills and overcoming design challenges .

Build a buddy club

We’ve been working hard in Friday afternoon activities designing and building our own ‘buddies’.
Here are our first completed creations, come back next week to see if Thomas’ snake survived the stuffing process!

9D Hundertwasser

9N art


Year 11 enterprise group have finally been able to have a practical session now that we’re back in school. We worked as a team to make mini cheesecakes, we think they look great. Unfortunately Mr Frew’s carpet didn’t come out looking quite as good…oops

Canopic jars

George and Katie have done a fantastic job at following instructions and being resourceful to create their own Egyptian canopic jars. I’m sure you’ll agree they’re worthy of a golden acorn!

Art Competition