Flu immunisations catch up

Please see the attached leaflet if your child missed the flu immunisations.  It may be of help to you.

Confirmed Catch Up Clinics


11w  – Art

We took a line for a walk – we used different mark making tools attached to canes. We made patterns and marks using paints. We developed our core muscles by lying on the floor and making marks on the paper.

When the paint dried, we used it to make spooky monsters. We practised our scissor skills and counted the number of eyes and teeth that our monsters had. The pupils were very proud of their finished creations!



Letter re After Half Term

Oct half term letter

11W Bubble Blowing Painting

11W have had great fun blowing bubbles in paint . We made our pictures into pumpkins, with help we cut them out and put Halloween silhouettes on our pumpkins shape. We had great fun.







7H – birthday celebrations

We celebrated a birthday in our class this week, and used our enrichment time to have a class party; balloons, cake decorating, candles, party hats, the lot!

Spaghetti and marshmallow construction with Mrs De Muschamp!

10C Savoury Scones

In Life Skills, we made cheese and spring onion scones. First, we weighed the ingredients and mixed them together…

We shaped the dough and put it in the oven…

While it was baking, some of us had an explore with the flour…

We then sat and eat our efforts…

Until next time.

7H The surface of the moon

In science, we having been looking at the moon. We made moon sand, a mixture of flour, massage oil and glitter…

We then used different types of pastry cutter to explore the moon sand. We described the shapes and animal that we had made…

Until next time…

Making the most of the dry weather!

7H have been making the most of their break time today – we all had lots of fun playing outside while it wasn’t raining, though the puddles and wellies were a great combo too!

We were all out of breath and rosy-cheeked coming back in from break – staff included!

World Mental Health Day

As part of world mental health day, 8S decided to create a video to help develop positive mindset and attitude. Here is the end product. We are pretty proud of ourselves for the way it turned out! Happy viewing!