10R – fun and games using the touchscreen and EyeGaze equipment.

Sensory Science – brrrrrr it’s cold !

Pupils in 10R are learning about different temperatures this term. Today we explored frozen paints, pupils made marks with them and watched how the paints melted. We filled balloons with watercolours and froze them, they looked like giant marbles. We added salt and watched closely to see how the ice changed, we could even hear it cracking. Finally we added hot water and watched the ice melt leaving us with coloured water.

Chad first aid

The year 11 CHAD group completed a Royal Life Saving workshop today held by Barbara Broadbelt from the Royal Lifesaving Society. Thanks to all concerned.

Keep safe online

Anyone’s children get a new phone or tablet off Father Christmas? Well here’s some tips for how to keep their device safe.

Happy Christmas

Wishing all of our pupils and their families a very happy Christmas. We’ll see you all next year!

Fundraising for St Paul’s

CHAD group and Mrs De Muschamp have been working to raise money for St Paul’s centre who are providing Christmas dinners to those who are alone at Christmas. The whole school contributed to a hamper which was then raffles off. A grand total of £132 was raised. Thankyou to all involved.

KS4 Bowling

Pupils took part in reward trips to celebrate all their good work and behaviour over the last term. Some of out pupils went bowling in Sunderland.

KS4 and KS5 party

the students have had an excellent time at the Christmas party this afternoon.

Holiday Dates 2019-2020

School holidays 2019-2020

ASDA Spennymoor Christmas Tree

Have a look at our decorated baubles next time you are in ASDA