Making soup

1OC Bird Nest Flapjack and Fruity Caterpillars

In life skills, we have started a new topic on making decorative desserts. First, we made bird nest flapjacks; we made the flapjacks with oats, syrup and butter…

We then melted some white chocolate and decorated the nests with fruit…

We then made fruit caterpillar. We put a selection of fruit onto kebab sticks…

We then dotted their eyes with white chocolate…

I hope you like our efforts…

Until next time.

7H’s Final Friday of Term

We started off the day with our shape-focused maths lesson. We searched high and low for hidden shapes and put them in the right place.

We came back in after break for our English lesson; we focused on spellings and reading.

After lunch we always get the books out for our reading time. We also use this time to use rollers and wraps to self-regulate – can you tell we quite like to be upside down?

We also made our Easter cards; we used our spelling and typing skills, we practiced our pen control, our fine motor strength got a good test as we had to press hard with our wax crayons onto laminating pockets, and we had lots of colour choices to boost our decision-making confidence. Plus we had the final product to take home!

Off we went for break time and we made the most of the blue skies before the rain/hail/wind started!

We came back in and had our relaxation session so we were calm and happy before heading off home for the Easter holidays. We have some piano music on in the background, we grab a drink and sit round together to relax after burning off lots of energy outside.

See you in two weeks 7H!

Acids and Alkalis

In science 7M used universal indicator to find out if substances were acids or alkalis.

Home Testing

Today or tomorrow your child will bring home a test kit.  There are 3 tests in the box. The latest Government guidance is attached. Could you please spread the 3 tests across the Easter holidays so that your child has been tested just before their return on 12th April.  School only needs to be informed if the test is POSITIVE. Thank you

Testing at home throughout the Easter holidays for schools and colleges.

Following the success of the asymptomatic testing programme on the return to school and college, it is vital to keep testing at home throughout the Easter holidays and into the summer term. Please pass on this message to all of your staff, students and parents:

Test twice a week at home from now on (all those who are able to)

Report results online as positive, negative or void. This information is critical in helping us to understand the prevalence of the virus across the country

Continue to test twice weekly over the Easter holidays

Test before returning to school or college for the summer term, either the night before, or morning of, the first day back, to find and isolate any positive cases

11W- Easter celebrations!

In 11W this week we have been working towards one of our ASDAN targets.  We worked together to set a table for our Easter brunch.

The first thing to do was to lay the table cloth on the table.

We all had place settings and the pupils chose where we were all going to sit.   We also gave out the cups, saucers and plates to everyone. Finally we all enjoyed our delicious Easter brunch which the pupils had made themselves. We have also been out into our sensory garden where we checked on the bulbs we had planted to see how much they had grown.  We also checked how much rain had fallen using our rain gauge and put our beans into the greenhouse to grow over the Easter holidays.

9D Hundertwasser

Vegetarian diets

This afternoon in Food Technology 9D have been thinking about vegetarian diets. We worked together to make a Spanish omelette, with potatoes, peppers, onions, tomatoes, eggs and cheese. We all agreed it was delicious! Some pupils even asked for the recipe, so they could try and make it at home. We will send this home tomorrow – happy cooking, everyone!

Farm in a Box

As part of the Country Trust school’s outreach work we had a special delivery last week with two boxes overflowing with amazing ingredients / resources. Due to Covid 19 restrictions all off site visits are currently suspended. Sue Thompson from the Country Trust came up with a great idea bringing farm life into school. We selected the arable and dairy box where 11B pupils explored different types of cheeses, seeds, milk and made their own butter and pizzas. We even had a recorded clip from our North East link farmer Dennis from Ponteland. Helena who is currently shielding, didn’t miss out as she joined her peers over Microsoft Teams. We hope to visit the farm sometime in the future.


11W Red Nose Cakes


In 11W we have been busy making Red Nose Day Cakes to take home and enjoy tonight with our family!  We had fun making them and our cakes were very yummy!