Adam Bushnell Visit

The students had a fabulous time today with the author Adam Bushnell.


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6th Form Newsletter

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Non uniform day

FOTOS Non uniform day

Four weeks ago this young man wouldn’t even sit on this trike without our help. Yesterday he was enjoying being supported by Rita who guided him and as you can see he is enjoying the experience of riding the trike.Rita is now supporting the pupil less.Rita is now watching and the pupil is going solo.

10R in the Sunshine

Harry’s Garden Party

Today we had a fete in memory of a much loved teacher Mr Wilkinson, who passed away recently.We included fishing themed games among our stalls and will donate proceeds to one of Mr Wilkinson’s favourite charities. We all had a fun filled afternoon and it was perfect weather for us.

English for 10R

UNICEF Playground Challenge

Yesterday morning in family groups we took part in the playground challenge. Groups designed their own challenges, collected sponsorship and carried out the 20 minute timed challenge. Groups made equipment from recycled items and every challenge was unique and creative. Everyone looked like they were having lots of fun.

Pasta salad

This afternoon we made pasta salad. We are all becoming much more confident when chopping vegetables, and are enjoying learning how to prepare different vegetables.