School Photographer – Wednesday

School Photographer

9W Science

This week we have been exploring how different seeds are dispersed. We looked at seeds that are dispersed by wind and tested them by dropping them on a breezy day.

We looked at little seeds in berries that could be eaten by birds and then dispersed when they go to the toilet. Hopefully not on our heads!

We looked at seeds that roll away from thier parent plant and compared thier textures on the inside and the outside.

We compared their sizes.

10R Autumnal Art work

10R enjoyed a visit to the sensory garden. We looked at how big our flowers and plants have grown over the Summer. We checked the vegetable plots and saw that some lovely big pumpkins had grown, as well as runner beans and courgettes.
Pupils picked a few petals, some herbs and leaves to explore. We smelled the lovely Lavender and Mint.


Macmillan letter

Macmillan coffee

Go Read update

as you can see,  refurbishment of the bus is in full swing.  The decals are almost complete, the wheels have been refurbished and the plans for the interior are completed.  Our aim is to have the bus open around half term.  

9W Science

Today we made the main parts of a flower out of modelling plastercene. We all could name the flower, stem, leaf and roots.


Asda green token scheme

The reading bus has been accepted as a charity in ASDA Spennymoor for the green token scheme.  Hopefully we will win and be able to fill the shelves with new books.  Please support our cause!

Help and support from businesses

A parent has informed us that Newcastle Airport offers a system whereby you can be allocated a lanyard if you have special needs.  This is a visual for staff and fellow passengers to aid a more comfortable travel experience.  Also, shoe retailer Clinkards offers a prebookable appointment system which can allow a quiet slot for a shoe fitting.  Several cinemas offer quiet viewings of movies too.  More details will follow in the next Oaks Oracle.

11C First Day Back

We have all survived our first day back at school, staff included. We have been using our ICT skills to generate pop art portraits of our classmates. I hope you like our efforts…

Until next time.

Stop the bus!

Today we acquired a very special addition to the school.  Donated by ‘Go North East’ the bus will be converted into a reading zone.  Watch this space for updates as the bus goes through its transformation.